The network shows that more than 90% of the people are willing to switch to LED lights

The traditional light bulb mainly uses electric current to pass through the tungsten wire to generate the light source. Compared with the LED light bulb, the electric energy is directly converted into light energy. The traditional light bulb consumes more energy than the LED light bulb, and with the awareness of energy conservation in recent years, the LED light bulb has become a public. One of the choices when buying a light bulb, but in the face of the price of LED bulbs, is the public buying it?

Will you consider changing the LED tube (light bulb) in the future? According to the online survey, for the above-mentioned problems, 34.6% of the people who choose “will definitely”, 57.3% who choose “may”, and 6.8% who choose “may not” and “must not” and 1.3%. In other words, more than 90% of the people will consider replacing LED bulbs in the future.

In addition to less power consumption than conventional light bulbs, LED bulbs have longer lamp life than conventional bulbs. In addition, traditional bulbs contain some ultraviolet light, while LED bulbs do not contain ultraviolet light. They may be healthier for the human body, but LED bulbs are at a price. Part of it is also higher than the traditional light bulb, so the public can change the price, you can buy a cheap and large bowl of LED bulbs.

This survey conducted a questionnaire survey on members of the Boss Online Network for over 13 years old. The survey time was 2015/3/22 (day), and 1377 copies of valid samples were collected. At 95% confidence level, positive and negative errors were used. It is 2.64%. The implementation method is that Pollster Online Survey conducts sample surveys for members through the website market platform; Bostel sends emails to invite members to fill out the questionnaires issued by Boss, conduct market research and market. Information gathering. Bostel members have passed the mobile phone newsletter and email certification.

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