[Brand Power·Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics] Lighting production line automation changes not just labor costs

Intelligentization is a hot topic in the lighting industry. In the field of production equipment, how to realize intelligence and automation has become an effective way to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Affected by cost pressures, many companies put automated production lines on the development agenda. However, the traditional automated production line will have some problems: for example, the degree of automation is not high, the positioning accuracy of the equipment is low, the degree of flexibility is not enough; the product line is unstable, the production capacity is not guaranteed, the production parameter collection capability is insufficient, and the interface with the plant information system is not Match and other issues.

Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics Sales Vice President Yang Dong

Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics proposed a corresponding solution to the actual needs of the market. The equipment of Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics first adopts the overall design method to achieve full automation, and the information exchange between each station and system is sufficient. Secondly, the introduction of high-precision and high-flexibility robot structure ensures positioning accuracy and compatibility;

Third, the system part adopts the distributed sensing structure, and the whole process parameters of the site can realize the system acquisition and comprehensive processing capability. Fourthly, the overall networked structure is adopted, and the data exchange capability with the ERP and MES interfaces is adopted. Therefore, customers not only reduce labor costs, but also greatly improve production efficiency and reliability.

APM model SPS300VAC9000W 3 Phase AC Power Source system is able to provide not only stable DC/AC Output Power,but also 3-phase / 1-phase output.The 3 Phase Ac Power Supply is with high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM technology, active PFC design. Reliable ac sources for applications such as electric, lighting, aviation sectors, enterprise`s production test etc.

Some features as below:

  • 5.6`` large touch color screen, possess complete functions and easy to operate.
  • Support for USB data import/export and screen snap from front panel.
  • AC+DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation.
  • Capable of setting voltage and current output restriction, support for constant current output mode.
  • Capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency.
  • Capable of setting ON/OFF phase angle.
  • With reverse current protection to avoid current flowing backward.
  • Built-in power meter, which is capable of measuring 5 electrical parameters per phase, including voltage, current, power, etc.
  • Support mA current measurement function.

9000W Three Phase AC Source System

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