Nissan Parking Technology Boosts Deep Sea Scientific Research

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has jointly developed a technology to improve the operability of robots for deep sea resource surveys with the Marine Research and Development Agency in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Both parties plan to use driver parking assistance technology and strive to put it into use before 2018.

Nissan's technology can help you stop by looking at the image of the car from top to bottom. In the joint development program, it is planned to combine the images taken by the four cameras installed on the remotely operated robot, making it easier to grasp the surrounding 360 degrees.

It is reported that the robot plans to operate in the deep sea with a depth of more than 3,000 meters. This technology will enable the investigation of rare earth resources such as the seabed to be carried out more conveniently. Nissan said, "The efficiency will increase dramatically."

According to Nissan, this is the first time that parking support technology has been used in areas other than automobiles.

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