Industry and Commerce Department to Strengthen Product Supervision

Industry and Commerce Department to Strengthen Product Supervision

The reporter recently learned from the “2015 National Industry and Commerce System Anti-Infringement and Counterfeit Work Video and Telephone Conference” that the industrial and commercial system will focus on hot-selling products such as water and air purifiers, automobiles, and household appliances, and increase access to urban and rural areas and rural areas. As well as the high incidence of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, the investigation and infringement of counterfeit infringements.

In 2014, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a nationwide special law enforcement campaign focused on rectifying outstanding problems in unfair competition, focusing on industries such as automobiles, home appliances, furniture, tourism, and building materials, and investigated and dealt with a large number of counterfeits, false propaganda, and infringement of commercial secrets. Justified competition case.

According to statistics, in 2014, the nation’s industrial and commercial system collected a total of 98,000 batches of goods and processed 288,000 unqualified products according to law; a total of 104,000 cases of consumer rights violations were investigated and the case value was 546 million yuan.

This year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will strengthen the supervision of unfair competition in the Internet; strengthen the supervision and inspection of online operations and propaganda of entity operators, strengthen the analysis and study of new types of unfair competition on the Internet, and implement a combination of online and offline networks. Investigate and deal with counterfeit infringements involving the Internet and crack down on unfair competition practices involving the Internet. At the same time, strengthen the protection of trade secrets, investigate and deal with infringements, and promote innovation and development.

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