Nanoleaf LED table lamp power consumption measured: 10 watts equals 75 watts?

     Referring to lighting equipment, I believe that every home user has his own selection criteria, or "looking", or brightness, or color temperature, or lighting color, or energy consumption, etc., but the needs of all home users and the current social development Needs, energy consumption issues are getting more and more people's attention. Under the premise of satisfying users' lighting needs, energy-saving light bulbs are more likely to "capture" users' hearts.

The following LED bulbs to be evaluated for everyone, the main thing is energy saving! The brightness of the lighting device can be adjusted, and the dimming process is free from the dimmer and the smart phone, which can be realized by the traditional switch. Let's follow the author to understand it.

Unique shape green LED bulb parameters list

From the appearance point of view, this Lvno LED bulb has a unique design, which subverts the design of the traditional bulb and has a strong visual impact. The product is a combination of 11 printed circuit boards with a total of 33 LED beads that provide a 360-degree lighting experience for home and business users.

The Lvno LED bulb is 110 mm high and the product is 77 mm wide at the widest point. The size of the head is comparable to that of a conventional incandescent lamp. The rated power consumption is 10W, the luminous flux is 1200Lm, and the standard E27 lamp holder (E26/B22 lamp head is optional) is suitable for all users.

Through the introduction of this LED bulb above, I believe that you have some understanding, but how to use it, or how it adjusts the brightness of the doubts, let us unveil its mystery together... ...

Control is different but it is the same as traditional control

Compared with the current smart light bulb, this Lino LED light bulb does not need a mobile phone APP or a wireless network. Although it does not support remote control, the control method is more suitable for the whole family. Its dimming method comes from the traditional switch mode that people are familiar with, that is, it is controlled by the ordinary switch at home. Through the on-off-opening, the light bulb emits brightness that meets the user's needs!

The author below will give you a detailed introduction of how this LED bulb adjusts the brightness of the light.

Normal dimming - mode 1

When the light bulb is in the open and close state, the light will slowly turn on when the switch is turned on. When it rises to the required brightness, quickly perform "Off - On" to lock the current brightness.

Normal dimming - mode 2

When the light bulb is on, quickly turn "Off - On", the light will slowly dim. During the darkening process, quickly perform "Off - On" to lock the current brightness. (This operation is suitable for use when the current brightness is high)

Of course, in order to allow the user to have comfortable lighting at night, the light bulb also supports the night light mode, which is described in detail below.

Lvno LED bulb lighting effect

Luminous dimming - mode 1

When the bulb is off, the rapid fluctuations "on-off-on" will cause the bulb to cut into the night mode (5% brightness).

Luminous dimming - mode 2

When the light bulb is in the state of illumination, the rapid fluctuations "off - on", the light will slowly dim into the luminous mode.

Through the above control methods, it is not difficult to see that the control mode of this LED bulb is indeed different, but it is based on the traditional switch mode control, as long as you remember these control steps, the application is still very simple.

Are you satisfied with the use of electricity to measure such data?

Perhaps everyone still has doubts about the title of the equation, how can 10 watts be equal to 75 watts? According to the official data, the maximum brightness released by this 10 watt Lino LED bulb is equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent lamp, so there is an equation with a question mark in the title.

The following is mainly to test the power of the Green No. LED bulb and table lamp combination set, to see how much power they have in the highest brightness, luminous mode and off state.

The first is the instantaneous power measurement of the Lino LED bulb.

The instantaneous power of the LED bulb is always at 10.3N watts when the brightness is maximum.

Luminous mode (5% brightness) instantaneous power at 0.5N watts

The power of the off state is zero

Then is the instantaneous power measurement of the combination of the Lino lamp set

Instantaneous power at 11.4N watts at the highest brightness

In night mode (5% brightness) Instantaneous power is 1.5N watts

Instantaneous power at 1.1N corrugated in the off state

By measuring the instantaneous power of the LED bulb and the desk lamp combination set, the following conclusions can be drawn: 1 When the brightness reaches the highest, the 10 watts marked by the merchant are not much different, the power consumption is not very high, and the daily life is rarely used. The maximum brightness; 2 through the comparison of the combination of the bulb and the lamp, the lamp requires a power consumption of about 1.N watts, so the power needs to be disconnected when not in use, so as to avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Green Novo LED bulb test summary

Advantages: 1 unique shape, easy to attract users' attention; 2 simple connection, no need to bind with mobile phone or wireless network; 3 high light efficiency, green energy saving; 4 dimming easy, suitable for the whole family; 5 night light mode, night Provide users with a comfortable lighting experience.

Insufficient: 1 Re-commission light brightness every time; 2 glare when the brightness is maximum, it is best to use with the lampshade.

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