Everlight 8-Pin SOP Logic Gate High Speed ​​Optocoupler for Industrial Applications

15Mbps, 3.3V and 5V, high CMR, can withstand high isolation voltage

Xinbei City Forest (2015.09.14) – the leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronics industry in the world, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE: 2393] introduced a new 15MBit/s single-channel SOP package logic gate high-speed optocoupler, which emits infrared light and The combination of CMOS sensing ICs is especially suitable for industrial interface signal transmission applications due to the rare high speed advantages.

The EL071L series is an 8-pin SOP optocoupler (size: 4.88 * 5.85 * 3.18mm). The small package design allows designers to easily use the PCB board without any size constraints, successfully reducing thickness and size. The design is more beautiful. And because of its fast transmission speed of 15Mbps, it is more suitable for the high requirements of current industrial applications, including digital power supply, industrial computer peripheral interface and high-speed logic signal transmission.

Combined with CMOS technology, high-voltage tolerant power supply module design, and suitable for 3.3V and 5V CMOS voltage, high CMR common-mode rejection ratio, and a wider operating temperature from -40 ° c to +110 ° c, in addition, EL071L It can also withstand high isolation voltages up to 3,750 Vrms.

The Yiguang EL071L series is a compact package and 15MBit/s logic gate high-speed optocoupler series products. Combining the above advantages, these performances will not be sacrificed even at high temperature or high operating current.

Sample and technical support: can be provided now on demand

Mass production: fourth quarter of 2015

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Yiguang EL071L series high-speed optocoupler is especially suitable for industrial applications due to its rare high-speed advantages.

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Data source: Yiguang Electronics

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Product Characteristics:
Non-spillable (no acid leakage).
It can be used immediately and not need activation procession.
High cranking current for rigors of cold-weather starting.
Resist vibration damage packs in extra plates.
Resist corrosion for longer Battery life.
Resist damage from gas, oil, impact.

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