UT Egg 1S teach you how to buy network set-top box

1, be sure to choose hardware hard enough, real 4k box

UT Egg 1s network box supports 4K extremely clear, dual eight-core high definition can be achieved far beyond the ordinary pseudo 4k box. UT Egg 1S supports the latest H.265 encoding technology, which can save 50% of the bandwidth, but also really achieve 4K Internet video playback, powerful hardware configuration, and never worry about the mosaic and network quality problems.

2, be sure to select a box with enough memory

UT Egg 1S network set-top box has a brand-new internal structure, which is embodied in the upgraded hardware configuration, eight-core CPU configuration, faster operation, and 8GB of flash memory space. The upgraded GPU can provide even more powerful screen playback. All in all, the UT Egg Smart HD Box uses a better match, and this kind of match can bring about better video playback results, and there will be no case of Caton, which will bring a smooth experience.

3, be sure to choose a box that supports local playback

UT Egg 1s network box not only supports online video playback, but also supports U-disk, mobile hard disk, local video playback function of USB interface, and you can enjoy large-scale broadcasts of your favorite videos on smart TVs through UT eggs 1s network box. Truly realize the massive film and television resources at random, and the popular movies and TVs are free to broadcast super-strong features.

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