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With the popularization of smart TVs, TV shopping has gradually developed. As the old Internet e-commerce Tmall has launched its own hardware product Lynx Box, how can smart TV users without Lynx Box get on TV? What about shopping? Today's introduction of this software may be able to help you, sofa butler exclusive starting Oh!

Sofa butler V4.4.3
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TV Home Global Purchase V1.0.0
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TV global purchase introduction

☆ This is a video shopping application that can be used on Android, to provide you with a new shopping model. The main interface of the application is divided into several large sections according to the types of shopping items, and the user can select the contents of interest for viewing.

☆ All merchandise is displayed in video, so that your eyes "Kam" is true. Each product has a corresponding video introduction for viewing, users can truly understand the product through video introduction.

☆ Massive international famous brands allow you to enjoy duty-free, Outlets-like shopping experiences without leaving your home. If you find a favorite product, you can click on the OK button directly in the video playback to purchase according to the information you jumped. Very convenient

☆ It is worth mentioning that users buy products purchased through TV sets globally, and all users enjoy free door-to-door service and 7 days no-replacement service guarantee. Immediately install the client to enjoy a 50-percent reduction.

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