Zhenmingli Group LED Green Lighting Industry Base settled in Jilin Economic Development Zone

On the 19th, at the Wusong Hotel in Jilin City, Fan Bangyang, Chairman of Zhenmingli Group Co., Ltd., and Zheng Guoxue, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone and Director of the Management Committee signed the investment contract, which marked the LED Green Lighting of Zhenmingli Group ( The Northeast) industrial base project and LED epitaxial chip high-tech production project officially settled in Jilin Economic Development Zone.

Zhenmingli Group is currently the world's largest enterprise integrating LED chip development, packaging and finished products. The Group has three strong brands: Neo-Neon Silver Rain, Silver Rain Lighting and Italian Targetti Lighting, which includes five series of LED applications, decorative lights, stage lights, fiber optics and indoor and outdoor architectural lighting. The group company was successfully listed in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

LED green lighting (Northeast) industrial base project and LED epitaxial chip high-tech production project is an important step for Zhenmingli Group to build a world-class LED chip packaging production center. The products not only cover the entire North China and Northeast China regional markets, but also Also open up the Northeast Asian market. After the project is put into production, the annual output value will be 10 billion yuan and the tax will be 1 billion yuan. After the completion of the Northeast LED green environmental protection production base, Jilin Province LED industry will enter the world first.

Yan Rongjie, the chairman of Zhen Mingli Northeast LED Lighting Co., Ltd., is a native of Jilin and has a deep feeling of hometown. At the investment signing ceremony, Chairman Yan Rongjie said in his heart: "The LED production project is a green lighting project that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a high-tech project for the country and the people. We develop this project and rely on the world-leading brand of Zhen Mingli. High-tech level, relying on the strength of Zhenmingli Group's largest lighting manufacturing company in the world, positioning itself to develop national industry, based on Jilin production base, facing the national energy-saving market, creating a green lighting project for the benefit of future generations, to improve the survival of the Chinese nation The ability and quality of life are doing their utmost to contribute to the development of Jilin's economy and to the best of China's national industry and world level. This is the responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs and the responsibility of returning to their hometowns."