Delta Electronics and Epistars receive orders from Osram

Delta Electronics and Jingyuan Optoelectronics teamed up to enter the European LED market. Delta and Crystal Power cooperated in the development of high-voltage LED chips to produce LED bulbs, and obtained the OEM order of the world's second largest lighting factory, OSRAM, showing that the LED lighting industry in Taiwan has been successfully attacked and entered the international supply chain.

Zhou Mingjun, general manager of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, will present the world's most efficient LED lighting product in the "2010 LED Forum". It is the first manufacturer in the world to have this technology. The international lighting manufacturers Cree and Lumileds have also launched. High-voltage LED lighting products. This move shows that the crystal technology is leading, the lighting cost is also decreasing, and the accelerated LED application is more popular. The 2010 LED Forum is organized by LED research institute LED inside.

Delta’s executive Chang Haijun revealed that the newly added LED bulbs are European customers, and the relevant production lines in Dongguan are ready, and there will be significant growth next year. It is understood that Delta's LED bulb shipments will grow five to ten times next year, becoming a new boost to the company's revenue.

It is understood that Delta has obtained a large customer of Japan Hitachi, with an annual shipment of about 1 million LED bulbs, which are directly sold in China and mainland China. This new Osram customer has made Delta a very exciting one, not only next year. The increase in bulb shipments has helped the company to win orders from other major international manufacturers, indicating that Delta has won the top spot in Taiwan's LED lighting system.

According to the industry, Delta’s previous LED bulbs for Hitachi, Japan’s use of Japanese LED chips, Taiwan’s LED supply chain could not benefit; but the successful development of upstream key products will be packaged in Taiwan’s packaging plants in the future. This will be a major breakthrough in the LED industry supply chain, and also drive the upstream and downstream supply chain to take off.

Due to the close relationship between Jingdian and OSRAM, Yiguang has also obtained the authorization of OSRAM. The legal person expects that Jingdian, Yiguang, Delta, and Delta's investment and testing company Edison will be expected to benefit.

Zhou Mingjun said yesterday that Jingdian and Delta have cooperated in the development of high-voltage LED bulbs for some time. He is not clear to whom the terminal customers are handed over.