Shijiazhuang LED lighting industry has entered the fast lane

In the buildings of Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Center, semiconductor lighting fixtures independently developed and produced by local enterprises are located in office corners, leisure areas, garages, restaurants and other corners. These involve 20 kinds of functions of 3100盏 semiconductor lighting fixtures, compared with traditional lighting fixtures. Energy saving is 60%, saving 150,000 kWh per year.

As the largest comprehensive semiconductor lighting integration technology demonstration project in the province, it provides a broad market prospect for Shijiazhuang City to seek and promote semiconductor lighting technology, and leads the city's related industries into a new stage of rapid development.

Shijiazhuang City started early in the R&D and production of semiconductor luminescent materials and devices. It has strong R&D strength and solid industrial foundation. It is one of the first batch of semiconductor lighting industrialization bases in the country. It was established as the first batch of “Ten Cities” in the country last year. Wanhao" pilot city for semiconductor lighting application engineering. At present, there are more than 150 LED-related enterprises in the city. In 2009, the output value will reach 5 billion yuan. It is expected that the annual output value will exceed 6.5 billion yuan this year.

In terms of semiconductor lighting applications, it has been promoted and applied in many fields such as indoors, roads, tunnels and urban landscapes. More than 50 semiconductor lighting demonstration streets have been built, and three semiconductor lighting projects with Zhongshan Road as the main line have been used to lighten the iconic landscape group. Major demonstration projects for semiconductor lighting such as Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Center Building, Jingzan Line and Cuiping Road. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 5,500 LED street lights, 12,000 室内 indoor lights, 2,300 地下 underground parking lights, and 264 high school lights are installed.

In order to vigorously support the research and development of semiconductor lighting technology and the industrialization, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has researched and formulated a series of policy documents, integrated scientific and technological resources, and set up special science and technology projects. Since 2007, the company has invested a total of 38.45 million yuan in research and development, and organized enterprises and scientific research units to carry out key technologies and applied technologies for semiconductor lighting; cumulative implementation of the national "863" program and 39 major scientific and technological projects at the provincial and municipal levels. 45 scientific and technological achievements, and obtained 85 patents. Last year, the company led the organization of stone enterprises and research institutes to establish the “Hebei Province Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Innovation Alliance” to improve the overall strength of the regional industry.

Along with the rapid rise of the semiconductor industry in Shijiazhuang, the presence of local companies has also appeared frequently in major national occasions.

Lide Electronics, which ranks first in the industry in the field of package packaging and application, has successfully completed the technical research of the LED night illumination system of the Water Cube and Linglong Tower of the Beijing Olympic Games and the LED landscape lighting design of the Harbin Ice Lantern Festival; the digital stage of the domestic LED industry The leading geese in the field, Jin Lixiang, took on the ground screen design and development of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo, as well as part of the display design for the 60th anniversary celebration of the National Day. Mission; Jinghua Electronics, the largest LED high-end display seller in North China, has undertaken the LED lighting design for the display and development of the Olympic venues in Qingdao and Qinhuangdao in 2008 and the 60th anniversary of the National Day.

Last year, the municipal government and the 13th China National Electronics Technology Group signed a "cooperation agreement on accelerating the development of "semiconductor lighting base". The two sides agreed to directly invest 500 million yuan in semiconductor lighting research and development to accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in Shijiazhuang. In the next three to five years, Shijiazhuang Information Industry Base will be the core area, and semiconductor lighting companies, testing service platforms and R&D centers such as Tonghui, Lide and Shentong will be concentrated, making Shijiazhuang a research and development center and testing center for semiconductor lighting products in Hebei Province. And the production center, the city's LED-related enterprises reached more than 200, and achieved sales income of 20 billion yuan.