Zhang Kaipeng "Breaking Life" or being forced to leave the post: Wu returned to NVC

On August 9th, a soft investment partner of Softbank, who was deeply involved in the "NVC lighting dispute", appeared in a venture capital forum. During the meeting, he said to the author that for personal safety considerations, Schneider, one of the shareholders Representative, NVC Lighting's current CEO Zhang Kaipeng does not rule out the possibility of leaving the company, but this does not mean that Wu Changjiang will be greeted. The three conditions that Wu Changjiang needs to meet to return to NVC have not changed.

He said that under the pressure of Zhang Kaipeng, he is likely to step down as CEO. At the same time, he hinted that Zhang Kaipeng’s personal safety may be threatened. Zhang Kaipeng may choose to leave his post because of the “life-saving” factor.

He pointed out that Wu Changjiang was suspected of bribing local officials for 3 million yuan, was investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and then offered to resign. He was not forced to resign. At present, Wu Changjiang has already mortgaged all the shares of NVC Lighting. After Wu Changjiang resigned, a total of three candidates jointly competed for the role of CEO of NVC Lighting. Zhang Kaipeng eventually won, and there was no designated Zhang Kaipeng as an executive.

At the same time, he stressed that Schneider's shareholding in NVC Lighting is 9%. Even if Zhang Kaipeng is the CEO, he can't control the board. "Schneider's attempt to control NVC lighting is not true."

He said that the NVC Lighting Board has compiled a report on recent disputes and has reported it to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. After waiting for confirmation by the Stock Exchange, the event can be announced.

Tomorrow is August 10th. Prior to this, NVC lighting dealers and employee representatives had raised four appeals. 1. The layman could not lead the insiders and asked Wu Changjiang to return; 2. The employee representatives entered the board of directors; 3. Schneider went out; 4 Wu Changjiang returned. It is limited to reply before August 1 and postponed to August 10. In this regard, he said that he would not pay attention to the so-called deadline reply.

He pointed out that Wu Changjiang has never been prevented from returning, but Wu Changjiang’s return must meet the three principles he had previously proposed, namely: first, the shareholders and the board of directors must be clearly explained the incidents investigated; second, the management rules of all listed companies must be handled. Related transactions that are not allowed under the third party; third, strict compliance with board resolutions.

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