Hu Fengkang: Intelligent and digital is the future of LED lighting

On August 18th, the CTO Conference of the 9th High-tech LED Industry Summit held in conjunction with the 2012 High-tech LED Exhibition was successfully held in the AB meeting room of Hall 5, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. According to the upper, middle and lower reaches of the LED industry chain, the forum agenda is divided into three special sessions. CTOs and executives from well-known LED industry chains are invited to share the latest cutting-edge technologies in the industry and discuss the upper, middle and lower reaches. Technological development trends.

Hu Fengkang, president of Tiantong Group's electronic leader, pointed out that in the future, downstream manufacturers need to consider how to make products more intelligent. He said that intelligence and digitization are the future of LED lighting, and to achieve this future requires an optimized match between the driver and the light source.

Fast charging,Fast heat radiation,longer life,safety and stability.
Raw materials:
-100% pure lithium cobalt oxide core, high-density ceramic diaphragm, Ensure capacity density same with original 1: 1.
-Load IC from IBM manufacturer can received excessive current meanwhile not automatic shut off.
-TI IC is Apple original battery chip supplier, the main control chip automatic updated with original iOS system operation data. Ensure stability without worrying about power diving. Ensure normal battery loss, automatic identification with the original battery to maintain the same performance, intelligent identification, intelligent operation, no blue screen.

-OEM order connector, high precision, to ensure stable connection with mobile phones, accurate reading data.

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