TSMC expects to promote 18-inch chip production capacity after 6 years, and invites many equipment and materials factories to join

TSMC is scheduled to promote the mass production of the 18-inch chip factory after 6 years, and invites many Taiwanese semiconductor equipment and materials such as Hanweike, Hanchen, Liding, Peixin, Zhongsha, Zhongde, Jiadeng, Xinyi and Mengli. The plant invested in research and development of related equipment and became an important partner of TSMC's 18-inch chip factory.

TSMC said that due to the extremely expensive investment equipment, the 18-inch chip factory is fortunate to be one of the few companies in the world to participate. TSMC revealed that a number of manufacturers have been selected as the main partners of TSMC equipment and materials supply chain, including Hanchen, an electron beam inspection equipment factory, Hanwei, and a photoresist factory, Xinyi, PVD. The power of 3D IC packaging equipment.

There are also Pei Xin Semiconductor, which is engaged in machine design, Zhongsha, which provides chip recycling and diamond hard disk, and chip box automation; the alliance of automation equipment; 18-inch chip crystal and sliced ​​Sino-German materials and ceramics providing slurry Chemicals and Cobot and other manufacturers.

As for the key equipment in the front stage of the semiconductor, most of them are still foreign semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including American business materials, Japan's Tokyo Power and recently TSMC's shares of ASML. TSMC said that Taiwan's semiconductor equipment factory can borrow a platform from the global industry to form an alliance and try to obtain certification. TSMC can also play a recommended role to help Taiwan's semiconductor equipment factory cut into the 18-inch chip equipment supply chain to obtain business opportunities.

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