Analysis on the development trend of panoramic surveillance cameras in application

The development of panoramic cameras has been more than ten years, and the real promotion has only started in the past two years. Due to its high price, complicated image processing technology and low resolution after image correction, the panoramic camera has not entered the public life like other ordinary cameras, but mainly positioned in the professional application market, such as large Scene environment or where it is easy to install vertically.

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At present, the market's awareness of panoramic cameras is not very high, and more is the manufacturer's publicity and guidance work. In fact, the industry does not have much controversy or question about the technology of panoramic cameras, and personally believe that there is no need to debate too much about the definition of panoramic cameras. The key is to see if the products can meet the needs of customers and whether users are solved. Specific problem. More and more customers will ask for “look more and see more clearly”, so panoramic cameras must have a large market. To this end, Hikvision has also made a lot of investment in the development of panoramic cameras, and now has launched a full range of products, including 2 million pixel CCD, CMOS, 5 megapixel CCD, CMOS and other series of panoramic cameras, and 2 million pixel fisheye, 5 million pixel fisheye camera, to meet the needs of customers with different application scenarios and different price requirements.

Multi-technology convergence is the main direction for the development of future panoramic cameras:

VMS support

The image processing of the panoramic camera requires VMS (video management software) support, but since the current fisheye expansion algorithm is proprietary to the manufacturer, the VMS support range is very limited. How to realize the mutual sharing of the fisheye expansion algorithm and realize the unified standard interface is the direction that future equipment manufacturers and integrators need to work together.


A great advantage of a panoramic camera over a normal camera is its large monitoring range. However, considering the resolution density, the same pixel camera can cause pixel dispersion and degradation when monitoring a larger area. This is because the monitoring range is very large. On the imaging chip of the same size as the conventional monitoring lens, it is necessary to receive several times of image information, which results in a decrease in the resolution of the picture. Therefore, only the quality of the image of the monitoring image is not required. Can be used when high or when using high resolution imaging devices. This explains why the 3 megapixel panoramic camera picture quality looks like CIF resolution. Therefore, for panoramic cameras, improving screen resolution is an important research topic in the future.

Low illumination

Most of the panoramic cameras do not have an ICR (Mechanical Infrared Filter), which makes the low illumination effect difficult to satisfy. Because in the future development, more attention will be paid to the nighttime effect of the panoramic camera, such as using ICR + infrared fill light or improving the sensitivity of the photoreceptor to enhance the low illumination effect.

Wide dynamic

Taking a fisheye camera as an example, it uses a fisheye lens with a 360-degree angle of view to monitor the entire scene. Such a wide range of monitoring will inevitably lead to difficulty in processing the panoramic camera in terms of white balance and exposure. It is because of this that the application of the panoramic camera in the room is limited. Solve the wide dynamic effect of the panoramic camera, which can promote the application of the future panoramic camera in the indoor environment.


How to liberate the manpower of security is the development direction of intelligent analysis, especially in the case of panoramic camera without dead angle monitoring to achieve intelligent analysis will certainly bring better security applications.

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