Use artificial intelligence to find the person who speaks "most reliable"

A few days ago, a financial information service platform called "Who is Technology" was officially unveiled. The platform uses artificial intelligence technologies such as big data search and semantic analysis to put thousands of financial statements, fund managers and analysts in the past few years to publicly publish investment forecasting opinions and remarks, and then follow their predictions. The correct rate, automatic screening and rating, and finally score each person's "words."

Unlike the usual list of rankings by “pull the votes”, this artificial intelligence-based rating system does not have “human feelings” to speak, and everything uses data to speak. To put it simply, ordinary investors can judge who they should believe according to the “words of opinion”.

This move caused a small whirlwind in the industry.

To invest with people with high "values"

The two founders of the company, Liu Jian and Yuan Feng, are not the first to start a business. They have served as CEOs and COOs in an Internet technology company invested by Harvest, with enviable positions and high salaries. In the eyes of others, they are not short of money.

“I always want to do something a little emotional.” Liu Jian is a well-known science man. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a major in computer science. During his university years, he participated in the 973 national key project of “large-scale parallel computing” for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The monitoring of abnormal transactions, simply put, is to find suspicious data from billions of transactions a year.

The belief that technology will make the market more fair, like a seed implanted in Liu Jian's heart. After graduating into the Harvest Group, he directly participated in technical projects such as artificial intelligence, laughing at himself as "the most knowledgeable in the financial circle, and the financial system in the technology circle."

It is such a cross-border cow in the technology circle and the financial circle that is still falling over in investment decisions.

Ten years ago, Liu Jian used his savings to buy the first suite in Beijing. There was still some money left in his hand. Where did he "cast"? Some people suggested that he buy a house, but he just listened to a speech from the financial community and praised his suggestion. So he put all the rest of the money into the stock market that was in full swing at the time, and the result was a heavy loss.

The second time was in June 2015, when A shares plunged to 5,000 points and plunged all the way. When the market index was at 4,500, some people advised Liu Jian to clear the position in time, but he also heard the news that the country is about to hold a stock market to save the market. When the market index quickly fell to 3000 points, Liu Jian could only bear the pain.

The price of paying a lot of real money for two times made the science man reflect for a long time. He summed up his mistake in listening to the wrong investment proposal. "At that time, I thought that since I didn't understand investment, I would look for someone more professional than myself. Follow him."

This truth sounds correct, but the fact that he was ignored at the time was that the market was full of financial experts and the advice given was different. For an ordinary investor, it was impossible to distinguish between various remarks. Accuracy.

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