Still need to continue efforts: millet 3S 48 inch TV detailed test and disassemble

The decision to change the previous evaluation structure, easy to read value-friends, after all, some value-friends do not like to read long articles and massive pictures, load and drag to take a long time to see the final summary and comments part, so simply this first The most important dry goods are on the top, then the full text structure index, and finally the pictures are listed (of course, the value of interest in some of the details of the Friends of the picture has slowly been read, this also used a full 100 photo credits , And a large number of mosaics should actually have more than 300 photos and screenshots...)

Summary and Comments:
Compared to the Red Mi Note Full Netcom 650, Xiaomi 5 even when listed on the market even now cost-effective (white black edge can not stand it and the Tucao advertising MIUI, black high with no monkey sales can not be said, comprehensive comparison of individuals really feel comprehensive cost-effective These two phones are very good), MiTV should really say that the rice flour belief plus mark will buy more factors, because the same price or size specifications MiTV does not have this kind of cost-effective mobile phone field, or else It is a bit behind the specification configuration, or else the price is a little higher, and the video resources, the freight installation fee, the after-sales, and the ease of purchase are indeed integrated with LeTV and Skyworth Cool Open, Haier Modular Card, and Micro-Whale. This 3S 48 inch regardless of the official website or Jingdong, Tmall and other B2C hands to be 1999+100 yuan, very few offers can not use the East Coupon, as the new 2016 release listed 2099 yuan 48-inch 1080P Mstar908 chip /1G RAM smart TV price is difficult to say high. Simply talk about the advantages and disadvantages:
1, the appearance is also good, ultra-thin + ultra-narrow border (in this area to reach the leading level);
2, material, process and assembly I'm quite good, especially the screen packaging, back shell material, etc. than open U55 strong;
3, the speaker sound is not small (but is also limited to not small);
4. The media player plays well in hard-solvable compatible formats, subtitle audio tracks and other adjustment functions are very comprehensive and practical, and the support for intranet playback and cloud playback modes is quite comprehensive;
5. The wireless support protocol is diverse and full, and it is stable and easy to use compared to other low-end smart TVs that I currently come into contact with;
6, screen cast artifact This client software is extremely powerful and stable, very easy to use, is my personal most satisfactory point;
7, Android optimization skills are still reflected, S908/1G RAM cooler than the S918/2G RAM desktop environment fluency is better;
8, heat and power consumption is indeed very low, the maximum power consumption under daily use maximum backlight but also about 60W, worthy of an energy efficiency, greatly praised.
1, as a new product released in 16 years is not high.

2, 1G RAM led to install more applications or the background did not kill in time there will be Caton, and occasionally crash the situation than the 2G RAM TV is higher, some comes with pre-installed programs will even fall into a black screen for a long time (non-crash, It's not exactly the app's unresponsiveness. Android old gamers, other than app-optimization, feel that RAM is also an important cause.
3, Samsung's screen effect is not expected well, enamel color mode did not feel that there is a significant positive optimization effect, the backlight outside this piece of screen is not a perfect RGB pixel arrangement (the last notebook with a macro point of the television part of the pixel) may be individual The color performance is a little strange, some colors are always white, and the contrast adjustment can't achieve the perfect effect of Xbox and TV color matching test discs.
4, the speaker volume is enough, but the sound quality is not good enough, some television news show outsourcing shows very few specific male voice will cause the horn resonance is very annoying, fortunately watching TV drama film variety shows and online video resources are not It has been found that talents who are expected to encounter specific sound frequencies in the broadcasting equipment of certain television stations will appear, and the odds are very low;
5, more advertising, not only boot to the desktop (not the Android startup phase) static and dynamic ads, notifications every day, local and local media player every time you need to enter the need to skip, skip to the confirmation by mistake Millet Mall waited...
6, from the receipt of the TV to hand firmware stable version update several times, but did not receive a push, each check that the latest, there is no place to download manual updates;
7. Combine local and local LAN media player hard solutions for compression, 1080P video resource hard solution after non-peer to peer display;
8, the interface position and orientation is not reasonable, if the rack is not enough space from the gap or can not push and pull the adjustment of the rack, then you have some U disk and even HDMI cable will be top to fit, and each time you plug the TV Remove it first...

Well, after reading the above, consider value-friends who are more concerned with the details, the landlord takes a lot of hard pictures to capture 300+, and disregard the warranty sticker TV does not start the first disassemble, so on the internal hardware and television structure and highlights of the value of Friends I guarantee that the following Changwen Massive pictures are worth a look.

One, out of the box and the appearance of the second part, disassemble part of the three, the appearance of the contrast part (the old Hitachi UT37 and cool open U55)
Fourth, boot, set up, etc. 5, screen capture and cool and open U55 screen contrast part of the six, system information and performance, hard solution capabilities part of the seven, the Bureau of the network and cloud powerful media player eight, comes with the application store and video Resource Nine, Self-purchased Pylons and Ground Digital Antennas, Blu-ray Discs and Xbox Game Performance Ten, Powerful Mobile Clients and WIFI Various Screen Shots 11, Power Consumption and Heating

------------------------------------ Content officially started ----------- ----------------------------

First, unpacking and appearance
1, in the box in the regulation of distance protection in place, Zhang Aunt public sent to measure is the bare box and extra protection are not TV protection is also very good in addition to part of the paper shell some worries, the label on the level of energy efficiency is very conspicuous, measured power The consumption is also very good:

2, the box side of the top side of the box with a detailed illustration, but also suggested the direction of the screen and recommend retaining the packaging, this area is very intimate:

3, open the box on the front and back of the TV:

4, accessories box and parcel protection two feet, accessories box inside the remote control, high-frequency head, a bag of screws and screwdrivers to facilitate the installation of the foot:

5, good feet, appearance lines simple and smooth, solid materials, easy installation and stability:

6, the remote black fine matte texture, feel and finesse and key material and feedback are significantly better than cool open U55 (some remote control some slag) personal use feel better than Lynx box remote control, but the standard is infrared remote control The Bluetooth remote control, which is not omnidirectional, is contrary to the slogan “For fever”:

7. This large piece of paper contains all the packing lists, certificate and warranty cards, installation instructions and specifications, as well as the download code for the very easy to use mobile projector.

8, reveal the true capacity of the TV, side posted a protective film, personal habits, to hand all the products the first time all kinds of film torn light

9, the back of the list, the upper and lower sections, the above more than 60% of the area only the screen and protective shell so thin, less than 40% of the area below is the other components and circuits part, MI LOGO is also posted on the film:

10, the back of the details, comes with a USB port 3 and 2.0 each, two HDMI, AV, component, TV coaxial signal, RJ45 network interface, but this interface position and orientation is really a brain residual design, see the shortcomings Article 8 .... The power cord material can be relatively soft and the plug is small and easy to insert in various places:

11, the circuit and the main control part of the top of the box dense rows of holes to facilitate hot air discharge, most of the decorative holes, only a small amount of open, but because of its heat is very low, the backlight cooling is directly because most of the screen directly back to the metal plate to diverge , so it is enough, this TV measured fever is very low, work and assembly is also good everywhere, at least I this Taiwan, of course, national product control may not be individual differences, 3S 48 inch does not use the same non-standard 200400 as 43-inch The rack hole distance is standard 200200mm, but the screw size does not seem to be the most common specifications, it is recommended to be on the rack or to say whether the screws can be on the millet 3S problem, or simply buy trouble:

12, the bottom side of the large side of the switch arranged to facilitate the press, in addition to a large number of openings to facilitate the cold air into the lower part and the speaker sound release:

13. Only one direction of the feet can be inserted. Then two screws can be fixed on each foot. It is very convenient:

Second, disassemble part
1. I didn't even see the start of the machine. I started to disassemble the machine. The black case is covered with a circuit board. It is the power switch circuit and the WIFI Bluetooth component:

2. Compared to the UT37 I used to buy the old Hitachi @-IPS screen in 2009, smart TVs are not only lighter and thinner, but also have a very high level of circuit integration. Such a small motherboard has already integrated several times that year. The power supply, screen drive, Android chip master and RAM ROM, audio and many other modules, have to deeply feel:

3, the most important part of a TV: screen, this 3S 48-inch Samsung screen, because Xiaomi prefabricated screen specifications posted, can not find which Samsung 48-inch 1080P screen, but in recent years, Samsung produced the same Specifications screen to see its main specifications should be 8bit SPVA 1080P, response time is about 8ms, color gamut NTSC 70% -72%, viewing angle 178 degrees:

4. The motherboard is non-public version, and the design and material routing are all pretty good. The integration is quite high:

5, the power supply module and the central region close-up, but the slogan of the PCB's eye-catching "for fever" and the configuration of this TV is really not connected:

6, other parts of the motherboard close-up, not described one by one:

7. Main control chip Mstar 908, the chip of 2013, 4 cores A9 1.45G+Mali450MP4, the chip supports 1.5G RAM (this is the most important reason that this TV only uses 1G RAM), adopts Samsung's 8G Flash particles and Samsung K484G16 1G RAM particles

8, speaker 8 ohm 8W, no independent sound cavity, and the cone is also very rough panel, which is estimated that this TV is only the reason for poor sound quality:

Third, the appearance of the contrast part (old Hitachi UT37 and cool open U55)

1, on the left side of millet 3S 48 inches, the right side of the market in 2009 is still very few small size good screen TV (37-inch full HD Alpha IPS screen was only Panasonic and Hitachi's individual several looks), visible frame and Thickness (UT37 is still a small number of discrete LCD TVs in the form of external components at the time) has undergone seven years of evolutionary technological progress:

2, 3S 48 inches and 14 years in the second half of the year listed cool open U55 TV size comparison, the middle of the left side of the alignment compared to the middle of view, the two borders are not wide, visible 55 inches compared to 48 inches is mainly a horizontal display area Pulling up, there is not so much difference in vertical direction:

3, with the UT37 so old TV does not compare the value of the thickness of the border, and U55 this new generation of television than the millet 3S is also very light and thin on the advantage, but his wife did not adjust the thickness of the 3S screen when the caliper is not adjusted to 0 Later, when it was discovered, it did not make up the film. The thickness of about 10mm was about half as much as that of Cool Cooling U55. The measurement of the U55 below can be seen; at the bottom, the 50mm of 3S48 is also lower than that of U55. The front border of the screen plus the black side 3S48 is also about 11mm better than the U55's 14.6mm, and the 14-year cool open U55 is still proud of its narrow frame, showing that TV has developed rapidly in the past two years and the price has continuously dropped dramatically. In the case of thin and light borders, the value of the border is also getting higher and higher:

Fourth, boot, set up, etc.

1, the boot process and settings to show more like to show:

2, are set up after entering the desktop you first saw the TV MIUI ads, but have to say that the MIUI interface notification design is very good, desktop press the arrow keys up to the notice and can quickly enter the settings, This is very convenient

3, set the main part of the content, the top picture in picture selectable source and real-time dynamic very convenient but the screenshot and hard solution video is the same as the cut black, audio output can be selected when the external PCM or RAW output to support Power amplifier:

4, a large slot here, is to receive the TV is 1.2.6 firmware, and during this period I have seen at least the official community forum released more than 3 versions of the stable firmware update changelog, I did not receive a push, Multiple tests always indicate that the firmware is up to date.....

5, the state of the desktop manually select the source of the signal input interface and personal trial so do not compare the test display mode, personal advice the average user is best to use the default and then adjust the appropriate backlight intensity just fine:

Five, screen shots and cool open U55 screen shot contrast part

1, first 3S 48 itself own screen photo solid color mode:

2, color level mode:

3, picture browsing:

4. Then compare the 3S48 inch in the lower left corner and the U55 in the upper right, using the same software version:

Pure color:


Levels of transition:

Image residue and light leakage, but fortunately, these two models did not find image retention phenomenon, in fact, most LCDs should have no, only plasma and LED screen (non-LED backlight) is easy to have; leak test does not have a long exposure in a dark environment , But Samsung SPVA screen light leakage control is better, U55 this backlight is slightly worse than the uniformity, but my U55 light leakage is not obvious, non-black environment, high brightness and dark scene are difficult to detect even the four corners, but it is said that U55 Some light leakage is serious, and this is normal. Compared with IPS screens, the light leakage and uniformity are relatively weak:

7 kinds of interference pattern test Two televisions did not find the screen jitter, but the first (that is, the following figure) interference pattern U55 backlight circuit when there is a more obvious type of noise inductance whistle, millet is 7 kinds of interference patterns are not:

1080P video and 4K video point-to-point test... 3S 48-inch 908 chip can not play 4K video

But there is a problem here is cool open U55 basic 4K video can also be peer-to-peer, and millet 3S48 inch 1080P video hard solution (call system own media player) case is not point to point, the font made false assy..... 1080P hard solution millet 3S also uses a compression algorithm, for the perfectionist HD player may be an intolerable problem...

Sixth, system information and performance, hard solution capabilities

1, security Bunny hardware system main information and AIDA CPU information

2, AIDA hardware information, visible 3S uses Broadcom's BCM2045 Bluetooth module and BCM943242 WIFI module, WIFI signal and transmission stability measured so many days are also very good, is the connection rate 2.4G and 5G respectively only 130Mbps, 300Mbps, throughput performance Weak, the playback speed of the first time playing and dragging the progress bar in Blu-ray original movies on the local area network is obviously longer than that of Cool Open U55 (but it can also be accepted, 5G connection will load about 5 and 6 seconds).

3, 1G RAM is still stretched, before running the test software is only less than 235M cleanup, some less die, compared to cool open U55 basically has been in the remaining more than 40%, a few times down to 30% there are also 5, 6 hundred trillion:

4, security Bunny test scores 18938 points, more than LeTV several flagship TV product gap is huge, but the use of MstarS918 chip cool open U55 is also a little more than 20,000, the performance of half a catty but 918 video hard solution ability is significantly better than 908, And U55's 2G RAM stuck in the daily use, the phenomenon of no response to sleep was significantly less than 3S48 inch

5, video hard solution support format, 2K, 4K do not support but most of the ordinary users may not use this, download all kinds of mkv ts avi and other high-definition resources on the Internet including a variety of high-definition love action movie measured no problem is very smooth ....

Seventh, the bureau network and cloud powerful media player

1, although the hard-core output of the media player comes with compression, but other aspects are still quite strong need to be affirmative, the first is the integration of video, pictures, music, and local network broadcasting:

2, and hidden video features, specific uses you know, music player can also be classified by singer, album, playback interface with the general independent music player is also the same as the right audio adjustment panel below, without the need to install music alone Play the software:

3. More comprehensive is that device playback not only includes up to two USB storage devices that are connected at the same time, but also includes a computer and NAS shared directory, DLNA, and so on.

4, the remote part is suitable for large pipe access (sad reminder of the landlord here can only access 6M ADSL network ... Kwong, so the cloud play what I have been a tasteless) of the students free download seconds deposit cloud broadcast high-definition video, Baidu cloud and Thunder client can support, push and cloud broadcast can be, very convenient, the system comes with instructions are detailed and very well according to the instructions to bind their own account to get started:

Baidu cloud part:

Thunder part:

5, although there is no large water pipe access, fortunately in the home network whether LAN or WIFI are strong enough, the media player broadcast blue original province plug-in external storage (interface facing the shortcomings after the wall 3S48 inch to insert things too much effort ....), 24G Toy Story 3 for the first time to load and drag the progress bar buffer to wait 5 or 6 seconds, still can accept:

6, hard solution can not capture the video screen, but the control menu function is still very practical and comprehensive, easy to select the audio track subtitle mounting, subtitle configuration function is also sufficient, and can turn 3D video into 2D video playback, which is not 3S48-inch support for 3D is also very practical, Dolby Sound's Cinema mode and music mode are better than color mode:

Eight, bring their own application store and video resources

1. Let's talk about another point that Xiaomi does well. The built-in TV manual is very intuitive and very intuitive. It is very convenient for users who are not familiar with smart TV. This is better than most manufacturers do:

2, comes with the game center and software center in fact there is a relatively overlapping, and some preset games are not compatible with the game is good, the handle is free to send this in the download process, the black screen many times each time back to the main interface to exit the re-enter fee Half a day Jin finally downloaded, registered only to find that it is not an event but how much money to send handle ..... Potholes, compared to a good light body fat scales and other activities is not millet should not engage in a fitness activity to persist how long handle Is it better?

3, video resources are the focus of smart TV, but most of the players will use third-party apps, such as magic, TV cats, puddings, because free resources are more and most ads free, as well as music as kind Sales strategy, and millet own no video resources and can not be free integration, so although millet TV integrates a lot of video resources, but many have to pay, millet own VIP price is not low 30 yuan / month is actually the VIP of the litchi TV Members (shared with iQiyi VIP qualification):

4. The number of video resources, the issue of video resources charges not only bought millet TV members have enjoyed, these video resources are not just iQiyi:

5, play history, collection and consumption records to facilitate the query, here you can see the Galaxy Kiwi ...

6, there are Hua number.....

7, come back to music .......... not familiar with the user of smart TV This is to charge 4 VIP to watch the pace of preset video resources...

8, let me drink bottle nutrition fast pressure squeezing, value friends first feel under the video resource interface classification it ...

9, Blu-ray Dolby area and children's area are good, but many programs in the children's area are worthy friends after the first few episodes free to pay, Blu-ray Dolby area is also the vast majority need to buy ... ...

Ninth, self-purchase rack and ground digital antenna, Blu-ray discs and Xbox game performance

1,33 yuan I buy a rack online (because the original home bedroom UT37 rack screws diameter and depth is not right) In fact, I mainly to buy screws to shoot the wall real shot effect, first deal with it, the goods should always plug Line or U disk, you have to get a telescopic or pitch angle rack:

2, mainly speaking, the terrestrial digital television, the family in order to control his son to watch TV, has long removed the set-top box for a few years, test the basic TV results, then do it, witty I went to Taobao and spent 52.8 yuan to buy this set Antenna, I got a hole in my stainless steel guardrail to install and test my house.

Searched for 47 channels on the 3rd and 6th floors (80% of the trips in front of the search were woody...I thought I didn’t find it....), of which nearly 20 were free to watch, but the Central 5 No, 9 and 10, it is equal to me that there is no central station.....

4, complement a desktop picture in picture for the DTMB signal real shot, but the saddest reminder is that I later picked the antenna down to find the number of indoor search and television signal effect is the same. ... poor my window The effect of the barrier television is still good, of course, when you DTMB screenshot is not cut off is all black:

5, Blu-ray player with a Blu-ray disc player to play BD50 Harry Potter genuine Blu-ray disc, it should be said that dynamic and dark parts and plasma is still a gap, but little difference between cool and open U55, color mode adjustment is always feeling embarrassed, It is better to apply backlight brightness adjustment with standard color mode, with 20%, 50%, 100% backlight intensity effect:

6, connect Xboxone, adjust the color and contrast how can not get the best results, it seems that this is the adjustment prompt that said some screen will not see the kind of screen ..... Fortunately to see Blu-ray and play In fact, the game is focused on the plot and entertainment, not printed, so in fact it is okay to play, this screen's response speed can also be, big dynamic racing game in addition to the game's own dynamic blur effect and there is no obvious smear :

Ten, powerful mobile client and WIFI various screens

1, millet TV's mobile client software called cast screen artifact I think it is not appropriate, the screen shot this single function is not enough to illustrate the strength of this app, 3S48 inch down I like to think that the biggest highlight is actually this app ..... (Think about Xiaomi's start-up with system software is not surprising.) Remote control mode functions and settings, software and game push installation, and resource projection are all powerful. TV screenshots are definitely the best I've ever used. Use the most convenient:

2, other millet TV wireless display function is also very convenient, because here I found that the unit has a colleague using the Ipad mirror airplay told me that the screen is not stable and delay the Caton serious, I only think there may be some friends did not play with it too carefully Similar problems, so for example to explain the next WIFI connection and screencasting part, first of all, WiDi and Miracast, Android phones and windwos devices with WiDi-enabled wireless network card through this feature to connect smart TV, lossy transmission, but WIFI two-way When the bandwidth is fast enough, the delay is very low (especially for Android phones, the windows delay is higher). First open the same screen on the smart TV, then the computer turns on WiDi and the Miracast on the mobile phone (wireless display).

3, millet 5 mobile phone projected on the TV, mobile phone recording video playback delay is very low, but the loss of quality

3, the computer is the same This is the UX301LA notebook WiDi to 3S48 inch image quality priority (PPI approximate 1080P effect, but also loss):

This is a delay-priority effect (PPI is approximately 1280720):

Laptop screen capture contrast PPI and font edge effects, here at the friendship prompt, if you are using the intel7260 clearly supports WiDi card but when using WiDi to tell you there is no support for the device, your card is using the system comes with a default driver , you download and install the latest full version of the INTEL official driver driver once on the line:

Shunsong inserted 3S48 inch screen pixels, do not know whether Aunt Zhang sent compressed to 600 pixels wide picture can still see clearly, RGB blue and green pixels are not pure, especially the blue and white areas are more obvious, I think this is this How to adjust the block screen Some colors are the main reason for the strangeness.

4, IOS device AirPlay attention not to choose the mirror, otherwise it will be very card, and the delay is very high, the correct way to push IOS video playback is in a variety of video playback software or album select AirPlay included, and then select the appropriate Projected on the TV, especially online video, after the push play your IOS device can actually turn off the standby, because this is not sent through the mobile WIFI, but push the video resource URL to the media player of the TV, Therefore, not only the image quality is destructive, but also the IOS device can not participate in the completion of the push address:

5, all kinds of video resources under the Android screen and IOS screen shot the same principle, the screen can not use WIFI display, because the lossless and energy-saving

Eleven, power consumption and heat

1, TV standby power consumption 0.3W, 1 year 2.6 kWh, whether it is necessary to cut off the power to measure their own, my home's electricity equipment I was too lazy to pull ..... of course not green not green, or encourage everyone not to and I Learn, use the switch to cut off unused appliances is better:

2. The power consumption of the backlight when the intensity is 0, 50, and 100 is about 24 W, 42 W, and 60 W, respectively. The 48-inch TV control is quite good. It is no wonder that the first-level power consumption is:

3, here to remind everyone, the brightness of the backlight adjustment, do not adjust the color adjustment inside the brightness, which is a software approach, will form a color cast, there is no effect on power consumption below the first 1, 2 is 50% under the backlight 0 brightness and 100 brightness power consumption ... there is no difference, and the relative power consumption of the Android chip is relatively low for the TV, the maximum backlight under the operating security Bunny 3D test scenario theory is the highest power consumption of the whole machine but also the beginning of 60W The tangled power consumption and heat of the chip on the mobile phone is not a thing on the TV at all.

The landlord used these days many times touched all parts of the machine, the temperature is very low, so the originally prepared temperature gun test different models of TV hottest parts and temperature plan is also canceled, a few years later, now the smart TV companion With advances in chip technology and screen and backlight technology, even ultra-thin body heat is no longer a concern (unless structural design and materials are used), and testing will not be continued.

Well, the whole test is over. Thanks to Zhang Aunt for the opportunity to inform about the recent continuation of this article. Original submissions The development of LCD TVs in recent years and the cost-effective smart TV purchase of chips, configuration analysis

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