Thousand Yuan small screen standby machine preferred: Lenovo ZUK Z2 high version

Aunt Zhang's website has a few websites on the stern, and Gan has recently asked for a thousand-yuan stand-by machine. A few days later, he felt that Lenovo Z2 was indeed wrong, so he decided to hold on to the No. 1 store. Promotions, Na Lam Drainage Drainage Lai.

Lenovo ZUK 4+64G White Full Netcom Fingerprint Recognition 4G Mobile Phone 1249 yuan Next time you recommend the coupon information, please specify that coupons can only be used in limited areas. No. 1 shop direct link

Family portrait (Associated with Lenovo Zhong Zhang feel good bookmarks)

Reasons to purchase

I would like to save about one thousand yuan standby machine, with the following characteristics.

Processor Xiao Long 6xx or more (you can say your own purchase needs, comparison experience, final choice reasons)

More than 3G memory, hard disk 32g emmc5.1 and above

Support Telecom China Unicom any combination of dual card dual standby.

Support qc fast charge

After screening, left red rice Note3 full netcom high, millet MAX, music, Lenovo Z2.

In fact, I really like Meizu's generous work with the hand, but unfortunately canal roads to know the world, off Sadogong, can only pick MTK 哋 toy processor, the performance of the stem with the Xiaolong soc 冇 比 比. Because of the screen size problem, the main machine has been tied to 6 inches, so the spare machine will have a good mobile phone. Millet MAX Pass, Pass as Pass, left red rice N3 with Lenovo Z2, based on Lenovo Z2 4G+64G version, and only the Department of Red Rice N3 you two enough water. Gan certainly buy Lenovo Z2 pull.

The cover covers Tucao

Appearance Gallery

Positive Department Utouch

Fiberglass frame, volume keys, power button

å•° grapefruit bits have speakers, Type c mouth, 3.5mm headphone mouth

The back of the block is a good kind of glass

There is no optical image stabilization camera is a failure, can only be said to be able to use.

What is the screen quality? The 1080P screen actually has particles, but it is not obvious

What is a glass fiber frame?

In fact, Lenovo notebook A can face the answer!

phone case

Lenovo zuk z2 mobile phone shell ZUKZ2 mobile phone case frosted all-inclusive drop hard shell protective cover ultra-thin shell 15 mosquito skin surface although not like, easy aging degumming. Taobao Select Direct Links

experience feelings

Before using the feelings, the first-placed run-down test was performed first. (Since Geekbench3 upgraded Geek4, he knew that the scores of the scores dropped a lot) and the recognition frequency was only 1.6G.

Photographs can only use words, although at the end of the fine, but the victory can be adjusted shutter time, with Ma Xiaolu MT01 tripod, can be convenient to shoot the night scene of the Pearl River. Noise algorithm slightly slag

U-Touch is easier to use than imagined. The upper menu can be used to open [Quick Menu]. Left and right can [Historical Program]. Double-click can set [Switch Software] and support fingerprint unlocking. The unlocking speed is generally

Loudspeaker design is a failure. When playing a game, it is easy to choke sound holes, and the sound quality is good.

Geekbench4 before testing

Geekbench4 Run Concise

Geekbench4 Detailed Run Points

Geekbench4 Single Core Performance Ranking

Geekbench4 multi-core processing ranking

Geekbench3 run points

3DMARK slingshot 3.0 test

Geekbench 3 run points, Kirin 960 progress is remarkable

What are the performances of M9P?

The fool runs

The glory of the king is fully opened

Z2 wishes me success in killing

Collapse 3 pressure

U Touch can actually be seen as an extension of the iPhone Home button

Utouch is free to set functions, or quite rich features

U Touch can be moved up to bring up the menu key, used to close QQ, Weibo, etc.

Upgrade the interface of the early adopter function after upgrading 7.0 zuk ui 2.5, recording screen is very practical.

to sum up


[Performance] Xiaolong 820 has strong performance and it is no problem to support it in 2017. 4G+64G is also a practical model this year.

[Easy to use] UTOUCH is very convenient to use. When I switch between Z2 and i7p, I feel very comfortable with z2.

[System update] Large amount of inventory, upgrade Android 7.0 and UI upgrade faster.


[Slow transmission] UFS 2.0 flash memory is not used, and the installation software transmits data slowly.

[Topic Contradictions] Native Themes, Desktop Drag Icons Trouble

[optimization management] does not support drawer style

[Power Vulnerabilities] There has been a power-off situation at the moment.

Last photo of the main machine

Sydney Machine

Infrared Touch Frame

Light-resistant design ,and support single and muilt touch points,widely use to financial telecom service,Adverstisement show,Industrial control ,public query ,self-service,E-education ,and games etc aera.Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow design, no matter whether it is external or built-in, it can adapt to various needs without affecting the appearance and saving built-in space. Infrared sensing principle, simple finishing, LED die, stable performance, high touch precision and long life.The unique installation method makes the installation of the client a breeze.The surface of the aluminum alloy is sprayed and oxidized, and the whole is delicate, simple, generous and multi-touch. Simple operation, USB connection, plug and play.

Picture show:

Diy Infrared Touch Frame

Infrared Touch Screen Kit

Install Infrared Touch FrameIr Touch Frame Diy

Usb Infrared Touch ScreenOutdoor Infrared Touch Screen

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