Don't look at just wearing woolen shoes that are not as comfortable as expensive peas shoes.

[Summary] JS is a fashionable knitted shoe with a wide range of comfortable applications and relatively moderate prices.

Tencent Digital (Ben) "Unruly" may not be a derogatory term in the traditional era

It's the feeling of man and man.

But in modern society

"Decent" feels more in line with modern values

If you wear slippers or hole shoes to interview and socialize

I believe no one will praise you

Buy Double Tod's Peas shoes?

In fact, it is also good, that is, the price is a little expensive

In fact, except for leather shoes

There are also some interesting, comfortable and popular options

And men and women are suitable

Take a look at this pair of 3D knitting technology JS shoes

How to look very comfortable and quite stylish

Compared to ordinary leather shoes

JS shoes use a knit process and material

Relatively more comfortable and breathable

The user does not need to wear additional boat socks

Don't worry about the soles are not thick enough

Inspired by the transparent rubber sole of the crystal shoe

Don't worry about general leisure activities

In terms of fashion, there are more than one grade of rubber shoes, such as hole shoes.

At the same time, some innovations have also been made in the design.

Different color linings can be matched with each other

Changes in mood and attendance

As for wearing occasions and collocations

JS knitted shoes can be worn while driving and at home in the office

Traveling out can also be easily carried in the suitcase

Only 130 grams of weight is almost negligible

In terms of process, JS adopted an optimized manufacturing process

Using machines for 3D weaving

Can be individually designed for orders

Process is also relatively environmentally friendly

It also won the American IDEA Bronze Award and the Japan Excellent Design Award Top 100 for its outstanding design.

JS knitted shoes have male and female models

The price is 59 US dollars (approximately 406 yuan) and 69 US dollars (approximately 474 yuan)

The size is also very comprehensive (female models from 26-41, male models from 40-45)

It will be on sale in April this year

There are new shoes worn in spring

Source: indiegogo

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