See cool European Cup 3 "explosive models" projection horizontal PK & million projectors to choose inside

table of Contents

I. Introduction

Second, the parameter comparison (BenQ i300J, W1070 and ViewSonic PJD7831HDL)

Third, the appearance of the interface comparison

Fourth, imaging contrast

Fifth, projector parameter test adjustment

Sixth, home theater entry recommendation

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I. Introduction:

TV is basically a must-have viewing tool for every household, but with the development of the times, consumers have gradually become the main consumers after the 80s and 90s, and the location of the TV's preferred movie selection has been shaken by the projector. The signs have also become a new choice for many new generations of consumers. The emergence of a large number of venture capital, new products, and frequent launches of new products such as rice, nuts, etc., and the massive exposure of IT websites depend on the new choices made by consumers.

With the release of Jingdong 618 data, the activities of 618 major e-commerce companies have basically come to an end. Jingdong 618 China Daily reported that "'s home smart projection equipment sales increased by 287.5% year-on-year. Nuts, polar rice, BenQ, and Epson. And Ai Luowei is ranked in the top five projector sales rankings."

The top five projectors sold traditional makers BenQ and Epson with nuts and polar rice. The BUT Aiweiwei brand is a ghost, no matter what they are. Some time ago Aunt's here measured a BenQ i300j smart micro-projection, hand, there is a BenQ W1070 and ViewSonic PJD7831HDL, as an amateur audio and video enthusiasts, from the perspective of consumers through the comparison of these three projectors For the value of the friends to make a simple comparison, mainly through the parameters, interfaces and imaging conditions, follow-up projection debugging and million projector recommendations, in preparation for everyone to choose when installing the reference.

Second, the parameter comparison (BenQ i300J, W1070 and ViewSonic PJD7831HDL)

Through the shopping link of, it can be found that BenQ's i300J is not a price product at all compared to w1070 and PJD7831HDL. The cost control, solution, and traditional projection of smart micro-projection still have some gaps. For comparison, it is quite a disadvantage. The current lowest price of i300J has reached 2199 yuan, basically reaching the current bottom line; the lowest prices of W1070 and ViewSonic have reached 4599 yuan, basically these two models are of the same grade.

Projector Selection Guide Contrast I made the official nominal parameters into a comparison table so that everyone can consult the comparison. The red data is relatively high, and the green data is relatively low.

Display Technology:

The three projectors all use DLP technology. At present, the domestic projector market for 10,000 yuan is mainly divided into two camps. One is DLP, which is based on Taiwanese brands and domestic smart micro-projectors. The product features cost-effective features; the other is 3LCD. Japanese brands are the main products, and the price of the products is generally higher than that of DLP products. The specific technical differences are simple and simple to see.

DLP is similar to a revolver. The light source passes through the high-speed rotating color wheel to the curtain. As the color wheel rotates continuously, the color changes constantly, so the so-called "rainbow eye" appears.

The 3LCD is similar to the three fires of the Ming Dynasty, pretending that it is a three hole shot at the same time. The three primary colors converge at the same time in the prism and are projected onto the projection screen by the projection lens to form a full-color image. Without the rotation of the color wheel, no "rainbow eye" will be produced.

The color difference produced by the DLP projection when shooting with a camera, you can see the color change directly in the viewfinder screen, but most people can not perceive the color change at all, so everyone should not be confused by the rumors of the "rainbow eyes".

Everyone can find that basically the licensed below 5000 is no 3LCD products, and the projector below million yuan is also the majority of DLP. Therefore, under the limited circumstances of silver, DLP is your first choice if your eyes react particularly sensitively. Money on 3LCD


ViewSonic's nominal brightness of 3200 lumens should be considered for commercial and residential considerations; the W1070's 2000 lumens is quite satisfactory and can meet the user's daily needs; i300J's 400 lumens can guarantee a good view under shading conditions. Basically, during the day, you can't stand it; but nobody uses a projector to block it.

In a well-shielded environment, 400-600 lumens or more can basically meet the needs of normal home use, and even projectors with high brightness will be greatly reduced under shading conditions. In fact, considering the brightness, we must consider the shading of home use.

This is the imaging situation of the i300J direct projection white wall in the dark without shadowing.


In fact, ViewSonic's 22000:1 and W1070's 10000:1 didn't show much difference when tested with SUPER HIVI CAST, and i300J's 5000:1 contrast is still slightly different from the previous two.

At the bottom of the picture is the i300J contrast test shot, the black part is not very obvious, and the effect of w1070 (all white) and ViewSonic (all black) is clearly visible even in the photo.


The resolution is definitely a sub-price goods, 3000 or less you can not find 1080p mainstream projector, and the current domestic market smart micro-projection is basically 1280720 and 1280800 two resolutions unified rivers and lakes (very meters H1 is not ), just like the monitor market 1080p, 2K screen, 4K screen, etc., in the case of the same size panel lights, the higher the resolution the higher the price, the same projection. The main purpose of family use is family viewing requirements. The projection of 720p is the bottom line. 1080p is the best choice, and 4K projection I dare to pack votes for ordinary families within 10 years are not able to use such projection.

We can feel the difference between 1080p and 800p when the photo is enlarged to the same size.

Lamp life:

I have adopted the longest lifespan of the officially announced energy-saving mode. This kind of data is just fine. All of them are tested by the manufacturer under the most energy-saving conditions.

Yes, that is the case. Manufacturers claim that there is a certain gap between the actual and the actual, combined with the half-year warranty period of most manufacturers, your light bulb will certainly be broken after the warranty period. Assuming a four-hour day's projection, you will normally need to change your bulb every year. However, most users will die on average 2 hours a day, unless you are at home every day.

Of course, if the other parameters are similar, it is still necessary to think about lamp life.

Zoom ratio:

I300j said that I really can not afford this price zoom ring, only the focus ring, you love to use, and W1070 and ViewSonic are 1.3 times zoom

Projector Selection Guide The i300J focus knob is located on the left rear of the lens without the zoom knob

The focus knob and zoom knob of ViewShot PJD7831HDL are not equipped with a lens cap. When the knob is rotated, the lens will retract.

The W1070's focus knob and zoom knob are basically the same as those of ViewSonic's knob

Projection ratio (lens focal length):

Simply speaking, it is the shortest distance projection size, i300j is a normal focal length vote of 80 inches is 2.4m, and two big brothers have a short focal feature only 2M.

Focal length is usually divided into short focus, standard and telephoto, as well as ultra-short and super telephoto, the shorter the focal length, the closer the projector is to the screen and vice versa.

Therefore, when purchasing, we should first consider the projection distance does not require deliberate pursuit of short focal length or ultra-short focal length, when the distance is enough, choose an ordinary focal length projection, you can save a lot of money; and when the projection distance is extremely limited, Perhaps the short focus is not enough, and you need an ultra-short focus projection.

For example, this BenQ W1080st+ can project 100 inches at an ultra-short distance of 1.5 meters. Of course, the price is also very good.

Projection size:

The average home user is mostly 100-133 inches, so this is not an important parameter for selecting a reference. Basically, all projections on the market can satisfy 100-inch or more projections with sufficient distance.

Correction range:

This is an important reference for projection. BenQ's two products have only vertical correction, and ViewSonic has horizontal correction, which means that ViewSonic can support side-shooting. Do you have to ask what is the side cast, that is, you can side cast, do not need to use infrared positioning, and then select the middle position to fix the projector. This is an important help for users who cannot be placed in the middle of a home installation projection.

Energy saving mode:

Since everyone advertises bulbs with a long life, it is natural to have an energy-saving mode. To put it plainly, it is to reduce the bulb's brightness and reduce power consumption. Therefore, the energy-saving mode sacrifices the brightness of the bulb. If it is not used for a long time, it can ignore the energy-saving mode.


Better than nothing, i300j as a smart micro-projection, "bumpy buttocks" design is its sound, in order to facilitate the use of the user, or a bit of use, and select the other two users you tell me you will use the projector speaker to watch the movie The estimate is for business users.

i300J's "Bottom-up" sound, built-in 2 8w speakers

smart system:

Since the Android box became popular, major manufacturers have stated that we must keep up with the trend of science and technology. First, smart TVs will flourish. Afterwards, intelligent micro-influence will suddenly rise, as if there is no intelligent system or the weak. But do these functions really need to be stuffed in? I have objections. I only want a pure function, not a set of functions, which deprives me of my right to choose. Of course, most users only recognize the two words "simple", so that nuts and nuts can continue to invest in the investment market.

i300J's Android system is built into the projection box

However, the advantage of carrying a box is that you can directly project the phone to the i300J.

Warranty time and conditions:

In addition to w1070 is the whole three-year light bulb two years, the other two are two years light bulbs for six months. When buying or need to pay attention to the warranty time, after all, buy electrical appliances is also fighting character

Need to pay attention to the important parameters when purchasing projection:

1. Projection display technology 2, resolution 3, contrast ratio 4, projection ratio 5, horizontal and vertical correction function 6, zoom ratio 7, brightness

Of course, many parameters need to be decided according to the actual situation in the family.

Third, the appearance of the interface comparison

i300J's measurements are 215mm x 174mm x 50mm, the appearance of small and exquisite, simple and generous, local gold color looks very good

ViewSonic PJD7831HDL measurements 362mm x 109mm x 231mm, the appearance of law-abiding, rounded corners, using gray and white tone, ViewSonic logo is quite eye-catching

W1070 measurements are 311mm x 104mm x 244mm, BenQ's style is still like Founder, looks a bit uncharacteristic

The size of PJD7831HDL and W1070 is basically similar. ViewSonic is a bit bigger. If you use wall-hanging, you can ignore the size of the body. However, if the placement or placement conditions are limited at home, the size of the body still needs to be considered.

Can compare the feelings, micro-cast wins in a small and flexible, free to place

The i300j is similar to the mainstream box and is equipped with an HDMI 1.4 interface, USB 2.0, and 3.0 interfaces, each with a LAN port, audio output, MIC access, and SPDIF optical digital audio output interface.

PJD7831HDL provides only one HDMI interface, but also added a USB interface, Mini USB port, and the rest include audio and video, AV, VGA input / output and other audio and video interface

Although there is a hidden HDMI interface next to the camera, it is reserved for the wireless module.

The W1070 interface comes standard with two HDMI interfaces, Mini USB ports, audio, AV, VGA input / output and other audio and video interfaces readily available.

From the left, the remote controllers for the W1070, i300J, and PJD7831 HDLs can be found. The W1070 key comes with a maximum of red backlight, the i300J has the least keys, and no volume adjustment. The PJD7831 HDL keys are focused on the menu keys and the mouse. Features, design is also relatively small.

On the whole, I prefer the i300J's industrial design. I'm accustomed to stereotyped traditional projectors. All kinds of smart micro-projections always give people a fresh look, capture a lot of consumer wallets, not to mention the actual use of the The squareness of traditional projectors should also make a difference.

Interfaces, i300J as a micro-projection due to volume limitations, these interfaces are also able to meet the daily needs, ViewSonic PJD7831HDL only set up a HDMI interface manufacturers feel a little less sincere, but more cable management box lid seems to be very considerate for the user.

In terms of remote control, I still think it is better to design an automatic backlight. After all, the projector is basically used in a dark environment.

Fourth, imaging contrast

The value-friends saw dry parameters and figures, and they were so aggressive that you said so many things. Take dry goods directly to SHOW for everyone to see. The most important point of home projector is the imaging situation, so I put some screenshots of the movie on the horizontal contrast and give everyone an intuitive feeling. The three pictures are i300J, ViewSonic PJD7831HDL, and BenQ W1070 from top to bottom.


The Hunger Games 3 Mocking the Birds

"Finding dragons"

Looked at the above so many contrast pictures we can actually look out, BenQ's two products tone is cold, and ViewSonic PJD7831HDL tone warmer and higher brightness, the contrast seems better, the color is more beautiful; in fact, through the real viewing experience I think the gap between the three is actually not very big. The i300j is not inferior to the playback quality in the 80-inch environment (of course, there is a clear gap between the 120-inch zoom); the three projections are very much in the actual playback process. Smooth, no smear phenomenon, the picture is still more realistic to restore, natural color transition, clear boundaries, so that there is no need to buy 1080p projection look, but you will see the gap will be where to look next.

In the text display, the distribution from left to right is PJD7831HDL, W1070, i300J can be seen clearly and increasingly blurred

In the picture display, it can be seen that the i300J and the latter two have obvious differences in terms of color, brightness, or discrimination, while the color of the PJD7831 HDL seems to be too bright and bright, and the W1070 is still the same cool color and color as the movie test. It is also somewhat dark. However, in the final analysis, the difference between the same level of products of different manufacturers in the entry-level home market is almost negligible, and some data can be adjusted later using software and equipment to meet the needs of daily use. The color brightness is subjective, so we can use some of my comparisons to choose the one that suits your senses.

Fifth, projector parameter test adjustment

When the projector is shipped from the factory, different manufacturers adjust different parameters. We can use the "Super Hivi Cast" Blu-ray test disc to adjust the parameters to suit their own use. We can use the remote control to play this Blu-ray test disc. Adjust the test content. Since I am not professional, I can only say a few items

The Monoscope's static test chart contains tests for straight lines, slashes, circles, sharpness, grayscale, overscan, etc. These lines and circles need to be coherently clear when testing projections, and the grayscale transition is natural.

This text test can see the resolution and contrast of the projector. The actual test chart can be seen in the comparison chart at the end of the fourth chapter.

Whether the projection of the card picture is not smooth due to motion video test projection, and whether the image edge and color transition will be affected by movement during the movement

Whether the same-color color display edge is clearly visible when the projector is imaged by the same color static image, whether the color transition is confused, etc.

The beautiful woman in the background appears in the background black and white background. We can adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. by remote control so that the girl can be clearly identified in the same color background.

The purpose of this paragraph is to test whether the girl's skin color is natural and whether it will be affected by other colors.

Super Hivi Cast also tests home theater surround sound

Sixth, home theater entry recommendation

As an ordinary consumer, I personally pretend that I have professionally designed a set of questionnaires to assist my friends in the selection of an introductory home projector. Most of the recommended projectors are based on products with a higher frequency of birth and the price is limited to 10,000 yuan. (BNM), only for entry-level friends to choose for reference, more professional prices are higher projections I really do not (you) from (neng) heart (li)

Start answer

Q1. Do you need to set up a home theater? 1. Yes (continue to answer Q2 questions) 2. No (You are playing me and you have been disqualified for testing)

Q2. Is there any condition for the installation of a curtain (white wall) with an 80-inch screen of about 1.8m1m or more? 1. Yes (Continue to answer Q3 questions) 2. No (Recommended to choose A)

Q3. Do you need to purchase smart projection? 1. Yes (continue to Q4) 2. No (continue to Q5c)

Q4. Are you inclined to buy an emerging projection manufacturer or a traditional projection manufacturer? 1. Emerging projection manufacturers (continue to Q5a) 2. Traditional projection manufacturers (continue to Q5b)

Q5a . What is your budget? 1,1000 or less (recommended to choose B) 2,3000 or less (recommended to choose C) 3,3000 or more (recommended to choose D)

Q5b. What is your budget? 1,3000 or less (recommended to choose E) 2,3000-5000 (recommended to choose F) 3,5000 or more (recommended to choose G)

Q5C. What is your budget? 1,3000 or less (recommended to choose H) 2,3000-5000 (recommended selection I) 3,5000 or more (continue to Q6)

Q6 . Do you want to choose DLP or 3LCD? 1, DLP (recommended to choose J) 2,3 LCD (recommended to choose K)

Select A

Obviously, you are very unfortunate. Your family did not even have a place to put the curtain. Therefore, I suggest that you should still buy a TV set honestly. Don’t be fooled by the fact that science is far away from such serious nonsense. The scope of the screen is not beyond your vision during the viewing. Try to choose the largest, the bigger the better, ready your wallet for Dafa.

Select B

Very good, do you think I can't recommend it below 1000?

If you have the ability to spike, this is less than 1000, but as long as 618, I believe I'm less than the second in the cliff, anyway, I have tried

Select C

Now we can seriously start recommending

A word of comments: 1280800 resolution, Jingdong projection class sales, the market attention is high, with sales volume, emerging brand leaders, the lowest price has been 2199

One word comment: Second, the nut design theory, other brands did not dare to fight for the first, the domestic micro-cast standard 1280800 resolution, with the emerging brand leader, the lowest price has been to 2299

Select D

I think rational people will not choose smart micro investment products from emerging manufacturers at this price point, but since you have chosen this price, I can only recommend you this H1.

A word of comments: 1080p true resolution, the current smart micro-investment highest lumen 900, comes with Harman Kardon trumpet, is your only choice for money

Choose E

Now it's time for a traditional projection manufacturer to show itself. This price BenQ says you have no other choice

A word of comments: BenQ i300J smart projection, 1280800 resolution, nominal 400ansi lumens, excellent color reproduction capabilities, humanized "bumpy buttocks" design, is a traditional manufacturer to respond strongly to the market, the lowest price has been to 2199 Yuan.

Select F

Well, at this price point you choose the traditional smart projection I also think is not ideal, the added value of a built-in Android box far exceeds the price of a single buy box plus ordinary projection, this price is still only BenQ

A word of comments: BenQ i300 upgrade section, 1280800 resolution, lumens increased to 500, short-throw projection (80 inch @ 1m), high-speed wifi, no need to worry about wiring

Select G

It’s BenQ’s

Commentary: You can think of it as BenQ w1070 with its own box, true resolution of 1920, 1080, lumens increased to 2200, and lowest price to 5000

Choose H

The traditional projection recommendation without the system began, the first is the BenQ good friend Acer H5380BD

A word of comments: nominal 3000 lumens, 17200:1 ultra-high contrast, traditional projection 720p real resolution, the only weak point projection ratio is 58 inches @ 2m, a small space user nightmare

Select I

Aunt Zhang's smart choice of valued friends (also includes me)

A word of comments: The introduction of home projector sales leader, the projection of the old Evergreen, 1080p true resolution, excellent color reproduction, the disadvantage is that they do not support the side cast, the lowest to 4599 yuan


A word of comments: ViewSonic's main models, 1080p true resolution, 22000:1 contrast, support for side-shooting correction, reserved wireless module, the lowest price has also reached 4599 yuan

A word of comments: Acer 1080p main section, the lowest price has been explored to 3999,3000 lumens, 1080p projection 1080p less to whom I

Choose J

The person who made this choice is already one grade higher than my choice. Given the actual situation in the DLP projection market, it is still the world of BenQ.

A word of comments: Aunt Zhang's annual recommendation, W1070 six upgrades, 1080p true resolution, excellent color reproduction, the lowest price of 5199 yuan

Commentary: New product for football, ad hoc football model, 3200 lumens, automatic vertical trapezoidal correction

A word of comments: "Color Master" series of professional home projector new products, for the high demand of the user brings a real return to true color visual enjoyment, in line with Rec.709 international color standard, the design is more smooth and smooth, the minimum has been 7499 yuan

Choose K

The user who chooses 3LCD can only select products in this segment. After all, the projection below 5000 price is basically the rhythm of DLP dominating the world. Will you choose 3LCD is not heard of DLP projection will appear rainbow eyes? In fact, so many people can see the rainbow when the DLP color wheel rotates. I suggest that you consider the DLP again. After all, the DLP below million yuan is said to be better .

A word of comments: It should be the cheapest 3LCD projection, afraid of the rainbow eye, Aunt Zhang's perennial projection projection recommended, support mhl function, 15000:1 high contrast

Sentence Comments: Ultra-high contrast 60,000:1, support horizontal vertical correction, 1.6:1 large zoom ratio, support wireless and mhl function

Finally wrote so much, I hope everyone through reading to understand that the first step in the home theater pit is to buy a projector, rice to eat stutter, first to solve the problem from scratch, and then consider lifting the viewing Level problem, quickly choose a projection that suits you!

Amway again about my article on home theater

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