[Knowledge] Do you know the several navigation methods of AGV?

With the automation of the factory, the development of computer-integrated manufacturing system technology and the extensive use of automated warehouses, AGV is a necessary automated handling cart for the logistics management system, and its scope and technical level have been rapidly developed. But often more and more people know about it, feel that it needs it, but don't know much about it, and then worry about the problems of AGV. Here I will give you a brief introduction to the general type of AGV, so that those who feel the need can be a shallow understanding.

The AGV cars on the market are divided into roughly eight types, coordinate navigation, electromagnetic navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation, optical navigation, inertial navigation, picture recognition navigation, and GPS navigation. More common should be coordinate navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation, I will introduce you to these three navigation modes.

Coordinate navigation: The positioning area is used to divide the traveling area of ​​the AGV into a small number of coordinate areas. The navigation is realized by counting the small areas. Generally, there are photoelectric type (the small area of ​​the coordinate is divided into two colors, counted by the photoelectric device) and the electromagnetic type ( The small coordinate area is divided into metal blocks or magnetic blocks and counted by electromagnetic induction devices. The advantages are that the path can be modified, the reliability of the guidance is good, and there is no special requirement for the environment. The disadvantage is that the ground measurement installation is complicated, the workload is large, the guiding precision and the positioning accuracy are low, and the requirements of the complicated path cannot be met.

Magnetic navigation: use magnetic strips on the road instead of embedding metal wires under the ground, and realize navigation through magnetic induction signals. The flexibility is better, it is easier to change or expand the path, the magnetic strip is easy to lay, or some companies feel afraid Attaching the inductive magnetic strip to the ground affects the appearance. Another method is to place a small pit on the ground that can hide the magnetic strip without affecting the aesthetic effect. However, this navigation method may be mechanically damaged by hard objects such as metal passing through the loop, which has a certain influence on navigation.

Laser navigation: Laser navigation methods are mainly divided into two types, one is laser navigation with reflectors; the other is laser-free navigation with no reflectors. Reflective laser navigation installs a precise laser reflector around the AGV path. The AGV determines the current position and direction by emitting a laser beam while simultaneously collecting the laser beam reflected by the reflector, and passes through the continuous triangular geometry. Operation to achieve navigation of the AGV. The other is to establish a complete travel route map of the car through laser ranging, without any auxiliary materials, and the degree of flexibility is higher, suitable for global deployment! This kind of navigation is a big trend in the future, and it is also the direction that many manufacturers are developing. At present, only Ai Jiwei has a mature application case and leads the industry direction! Flexibility is also much stronger than the above. The biggest advantage of this technology is that the AGV is positioned accurately; the ground does not need other positioning facilities; the driving path can be flexible and adaptable to a variety of on-site environments. It is the advanced navigation method preferred by many foreign AGV manufacturers. The disadvantage is manufacturing. High cost and relatively harsh environmental requirements (external light, ground requirements, visibility requirements, etc.).

Technology is always stepping into modernization. New technology is always step by step to eliminate the old technology of the past. In the AGV industry, the most advanced and of course laser navigation, all aspects of performance are much stronger than other navigation. the way. Finding the right ones in many product categories is easy, but it's not easy to meet your own requirements. Suzhou Aijiwei Robotics Co., Ltd. has advanced patented technology, and AGV navigation technology leads the market, satisfying customers' needs and satisfying them until they are satisfied.

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