After 3 months of use ---- come to talk about the highlights and slots of the hammer M1L


This hammer M1L has been used for almost 3 months from now to now. It is used every day. Let's talk about the actual experience of using it for 3 months. I believe it will be more persuasive. Of course, I would also like to welcome everyone's accusations. Make complaints.

This article does not open the box, I feel there is no meaning to reopen the pseudo-out of the box, unpacking as we can refer to the station's original and public test.

At the same time, the hammers M1 and M1L can now be easily purchased in many channels, and they seem to have a certain degree of promotion:

So, I hope this article will give you some reference to the classmates who are watching the hammer, or want to get started with the hammer.



Big Bang function is the most prominent highlight of the hammer.

The sponge fungi think that the innovation of function must be combined with practical application.

If you use this feature frequently in daily use, then this function will succeed.

The big bang is such a function that cannot be separated without being used.

The big bang is very simple to use. It is to touch the screen with a large area of ​​the finger. The paragraph in the screen will be "blasted". It is really blown. If you look at the gif, you will know it.

Then select the desired field from the blasted text (you can swipe to select it in batches, or click) and copy it.

You can also click on real-time translations of unrecognized English words. The efficiency of learning has improved:


Here we have to mention another useful feature: Onestep

Onestep can display commonly used APPs in the form of function bar on the right side (or left side) of the screen. When open, you only need to slide from the upper left or upper right of the screen to the center of the screen.

After it is turned on, not only can you quickly switch between programs, but you can also exchange information more quickly. From the gif you can see that the switching between apps is quite smooth, which can greatly improve the efficiency of switching back and forth between frequently used programs.

However, if it is always on, the available range of the main screen is reduced in disguise, but for the 5.7-inch large-screen M1L, it does not seem to be a problem either.

When used in conjunction with the Big Bang feature, it is even more convenient.

Add frequently used family contacts, friends, or colleagues directly to onestep's quick bar to quickly send content.

For example, send a contact person, or send an address, ah, not too convenient.

Feeling efficiency has improved!

3. Big picture explosion:

Just over a month after its arrival, the Big Bang only supported webpage text or app text. After the system version was updated in December, it has now been able to bomb images. . .

The picture recognition rate is still very good, of course, must be exactly eight of the text. . . What artistic words do not think about.

The following gif shows the operation of the big explosion on the screen shot of the screen. It can be seen that the explosion speed is slower than the text, but the accuracy is still very high.

Since then, a screenshot sent by a friend, fried and fried will be able to get inside the text message, is not it practical?

4. Built-in voice and voice input:

The original sponge fungus didn't know about the X-Fei voice input method. Thanks to the built-in hammer, I changed the input habits and greatly improved the input efficiency.

Let's take a look at the difference between the customized and downloaded versions of the interface:

Obviously, the customized version of the interface is more harmonious and more integrated.

Then use a video to Amway to use this easy-to-use signal input method:

Other mobile phones are also available for download on the Android Market.

Video demonstration:

For the first time in the original voice, if you feel that the sound is not good, please also bear in mind

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