JBL CINEMA STV350 TV speaker echo wall out of the box evaluation

Since I bought the ultra-thin TV, I have been very annoyed every time I watched movies and listened to the bass. Later I learned that there were artifacts such as the whispering gallery. I found relevant information on the Internet and found that there were very few evaluations on the whispering gallery. , no reference, no comparison, can only see the purchase of a treasure and a review of the East, do not know what to buy, first look at the walker B7, JBL180, Yamaha YAS-103, the price is similar, Edifier B7 said good, However, taking into account the brand, or tend to JBL and Yamaha, Yamaha YAS-103 no subwoofer, and then decided to JBL180, and continue to browse the Internet JBL180, see a lot of users say this echo wall bass is almost there, and then tangled, but not Know which to buy.

After a few days, I would like to go to the store to experience the experience, slipped Tianjin Bainaohui, Cyberspace Digital Square have not sold back to the sound wall, it can be seen now the shop to the top of the physical store, and Gaode map but found a family JBL store

After the arrival of the boss said JBL180 out of stock, only JBL350, considered for a long time, but also online search JBL350, most users say that the bass is good, I thought a penny a cargo, so decided! Pay to take away! The box is large and must be used.

After the purchase experience is finished, the box is ready

Red and white box, JBL logo

I have to say that workmanship is very good

Some of the accessories are available, fiber, red and white, HDMI, the boss said that the best use of optical fiber

Back interface

The TV is not wall-mounted. Fortunately, the audio is very thin and does not block the TV.

The power cord and fiber optic cable are exposed, but the cable is not visible from the front.

Wall shelves are needed, you need to buy screws and rise tubes yourself

The subwoofer was placed on the sofa next to me and connected to the host's Bluetooth. It was very convenient. I didn't need to worry about the line. I finally heard the bass and I was very shocked. I didn't dare to open a big tone. I was afraid that my neighbor would knock on the door. The sound is also good, so watching a movie is called watching a movie.

Bluetooth link phone is also very convenient

The only drawback is that the volume cannot be synchronized with the TV remote control and can only be controlled by the remote control that comes with the whispering wall.

Lastly, let's have a straw bath next to the TV

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