Minimalist slim price value - MI millet TV 3S 48 inch smart TV test report

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Unpacking accessories

Installation boot, appearance function interface understanding

Samsung screen performance

MIUI TV System Settings

Online resource experience

Play in different video formats

Wireless sharing, wireless screencasting

Experience summary

Samsung 1920x1080 Full HD LCD Screen

Mstar 6A908 Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz TV processor,

Mali-450 MP44 2 core graphics processor

1GB DDR3 dual channel memory

8GB flash memory

The viewing angle is 178 degrees.

The dynamic response is 8 milliseconds.

Static contrast up to 4000:1

Refresh rate is 60HZ

Energy Efficiency Meets National Standard Level 1 Energy Efficiency

First, unpacking accessories

For the first time, the sister paper was worth buying into the polls and was a little flattered. I am very grateful for the opportunity to give new people experience. Although sister-in-law has never been rice noodles, the nature of hobbies like nature has long been concerned about the development of Xiaomi’s various products, especially Xiaomi’s smart TV, and friends and relatives who are often around us will also talk to me about such topics. This time at last It is indeed an honour to have a chance to experience something on the platform worth buying. Sister Paper is a newcomer and writes for the first time. If there are any omissions, please also ask your predecessors to swear. Missing and we would like to know where you want to know, please leave a message with the sister paper exchange, if the site allows sister paper really need sister paper will also try to supplement the evaluation for you to answer, let everyone more thorough and real understanding of MI millet TV 3S 48 inch smart TV this product. 48-inch TV box is also quite large, the courier master sent to the downstairs sister paper asked people to spend a good effort to move upstairs, self-adhesive tape on the red seal and the value to a very visible, the first time I saw So personalized tape.

In addition to the product manual, the accessories mainly include a set of two TV stands, a remote control, a screwdriver, an installation screw, and an antenna isolator adapter. It is very user-friendly and comes with a screwdriver to facilitate the fixed installation of the stand.

The remote controller is also the familiar millet remote controller. In the past, the millet box was played with the same scientists. The remote controller is almost the same, very small, and has a very good grip in one hand. The button layout of the remote control is also very reasonable, there are a total of 11 buttons, the upper left corner is the power switch key, the middle is still familiar with the direction and confirmation keys, the next row of 3 is the home page, return, menu keys, these three key positions It is reasonable that the normal operation will not be mistakenly pressed and the bottom is the volume adjustment button. The remote controller uses a button battery, and the remote controller is also a minimalist design.

Little girl's one-handed control is also stress-free.

The two metal tripods of the TV are very strong, and there are non-slip feet on the bottom. The installation is also very simple. Simply insert the strip-shaped side with the screw holes into the fixed positions on both sides of the bottom of the TV, and then screw the screws on OK.

Second, install boot, appearance function interface understanding

At first glance, the appearance of the millet TV 3S 48-inch smart TV's sister paper fell in love with him. The metal minimalist brushed style gives people a narrow and thin feeling. The TV is not really heavy. Usually, the position is adjusted. One can easily handle it. The metal tripod of the TV is well-designed. After it is installed, it is not shaken. It is very solid and reliable. Personally, it feels better and looks ugly. Basically, the sister paper gives up the intention of hanging the wall. There are four screw holes behind the TV. The wall is fixed for use.

The entire frame of the TV is made of metal, so usually moving the TV to hold the bottom of the hand touches the top of the hand without feeling that kind of deformation, the body hardness is good. There is a MI logo at the bottom chin, the indicator light and the remote receiving are all in the lower position.

The TV's power switch is also at the bottom

After the metal stand is installed, it is very reliable and is coordinated with the TV screen frame.

The TV screen is very thin. The top half of the screen is also made of metal. The bottom part is the function of the circuit, speakers, jacks, etc. Therefore, it should be thicker. Most of the LCD TVs are now designed in such a way that the lower body can be thickened. Placement stability.

The golden metal border of the screen is fixed behind the screws, in addition to the corner, the rest of the screw spacing is large, the number is not too much

The lower edge of the back of the fuselage has a natural circular design

Sister paper does not have professional tools. Please refer to the measurement. The screen thickness is almost the same as the official 9.9mm.

The thickness of the bottom of the fuselage is almost 50mm

There are many vents above the back

The overall design of the millet TV 3S 48-inch smart TV style is still relatively uniform before and after, the edge of the arc also makes the whole body look a little tougher, more slender and light feeling. The TV's jack is centered on the left side of the back and the right side is the power cord.

Usually, as long as it is not wall-mounted, the use of the back socket is still relatively convenient, from left to right are USB3.0, USB2.0, HDMI1, HDMI2, S/PDIF, Video, L/R AV jack, Antenna TV antenna, and Ethernet port,

The plug is a two-pin plug. The head is small and there are MI letters on it. The compatibility of the two feet is usually better, but it should not be grounded.

Third, Samsung screen performance

The screen of the TV is the original Samsung 1920x1080 full HD LCD screen with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, a dynamic response of 8 milliseconds, a static contrast ratio of 4000:1, and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The viewing angle of the screen is as good as the sister paper on the two sides within 45 degrees. It is more obvious than the atomization effect. Although it can be seen clearly, it is not as clear and sharp.

Actual color performance of the screen is still good, to compare with the original picture, for reference only, after all, the camera will shoot some color, in fact, in the MIUI TV system can adjust the color temperature, to change the color style. There are still some differences between the actual performance of the TV and the original picture. The color of the original picture seems to be more intense and warmer. Color temperature standard mode seems this Samsung screen to be a little bit colder, of course, the actual visual difference may be smaller than what I shoot pictures, after all, there are some inaccurate camera shooting, in general, sister paper feel as The price of this Samsung screen in 1999 was still qualified. The uniformity and detail of the actual backlight used to look at the video or the picture was still very good to the eye.

Fourth, MIUI TV system settings

The UI of the MIUI TV system is similar to the TV box. You can select and manipulate it right and left, and get started directly. Online resources are still rich, first take a look at the right system settings options,

The left side is mainly TV, online movie, lifestyle, and several major categories, and the setting options are in the application on the right side.

6 options, the upper left corner is the network status, TV supports 2.4 and 5G dual-frequency WIFI, after connecting the options will directly display the current router information, in addition to wireless, wired connection, you can also network detection and network speed, detect their own Network situation, understand your own speed

The TV can be connected via Bluetooth to the millet audio, Bluetooth remote control and handle, and can be connected with various Bluetooth peripherals

You can log in to the account of Xiaomi, Alipay account, because from the back experience to see a lot of online resources is the need to pay, in addition to the TV can be online shopping in Jingdong, Taobao and other APP, so you need to apply to pay the situation, you need to log in account Of course, you don’t need to use these free online resources or add other TV boxes. These can be ignored.

Xiaomi cloud service also includes smart home and internet radio, which automatically synchronizes cloud data when it is turned on.

Universal setting options, you can set the TV's picture-in-picture, boot automatically play, child lock, input method, device name, etc. It seems that Xiaomi has done a whole set of smart home solutions for the future, whether it is an option or function Already ready. For example, sister paper can be customized to set the TV name

Parents’ management of children can also limit children’s use of the child’s lock function, increase passwords, and answer questions.

System restore, screen saver, and hibernate are all done in common settings

Image and sound can be set on the backlight intensity, image parameters and sound, like the backlight intensity, image parameter settings will also be visually displayed

You can choose the sound output method of the TV, such as TV speakers, millet home audio and external speakers.

TV was updated once, and the current MIUI TV version is 1.2.6 stable

TV's built-in space system probably accounts for more than 3G, leaving more than 4G of space, as long as not a lot of video and photos, a large number of installed games and applications, mainly based on the online video-based words basically enough

The homepage of the system can also edit the position of the mobile app on the menu and set the grouping according to their own habits.

You can also quickly view weather, date, time, personal space, and quick access settings in the homepage down direction

MIUI TV actually has a lot of quick features, such as long press the home button is a background program cleanup, long press the standby button to select the shutdown, restart and delay shutdown. Familiar with the operation is relatively smooth and easy to use. Another thing is more humane is to bring a millet TV manual, open after the use of software and hardware products to introduce the introduction, quickly learn a lot of features and methods.

V. Online Resource Experience

MIUI TV's online resources are still relatively high, both for free and for a fee. I think that consumers may buy smart TVs and some may go for hardware configuration. Some people will go for online resources, especially video resources. Millet 3S smart TV hardware configuration is Mstar 6A908 Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz TV processor, Mali-450 MP44 2 core graphics processor, 1GB DDR3 dual channel memory, in addition to support for H.265 10bit hard decoding, Dolby/DTS audio dual Decoding, plus the price of 1999 yuan is still relatively attractive, once claimed to be one of the most cost-effective smart LCD TVs. For the performance of film and television online resources, the actual control of Xiaomi 3S is still satisfactory. As long as the bandwidth WIFI signal is good enough, the response of the operation is still quite fast above the 10M bandwidth. Obviously there is a significant delay in the objective, but the time is short. Basically, after running many programs, the speed may slow down. Occasionally, a reaction time of about 1 second may occur. Under normal circumstances, basically press the remote control button delay time is less than one second, there is a delay but not particularly annoying degree, the overall feeling More fluent, sometimes the background running program can often long press the home button to clean up the background. Millet integrated film and television resources are still more, and free have a separate classification options, so that there is a goal to operate, not always because of points into the Feeling Feeling annoying, like GITV, iCNTV, China TV, Mango TV four major licensees have coverage, more types of resources have movies, TV dramas, variety shows, children, classification, rankings, zones, etc.

Free movies have obvious categorization tips

There are many resources for integration, and the quality of resources is also uneven. Most of the clarity effects are basically able to read, and only a few individual effects are relatively poor.

There are also many TVB dramas that sisters like to watch. They even include some classic old port dramas.

The films of the past two years are relatively clear, basically both HD and SD

Variety shows are relatively clear

The children’s educational and fun programs are uneven and have excellent results. There are also old movies that are dissatisfied with the 4:3 poor effect of the screen.

Fees do not support fast-forward retreat

The fashion show sister paper is also very like, and the general picture quality is very good

When viewing, you can use the menu button to select the screen aspect ratio and sharpness, including some playback settings. The Dolby audio theater mode is switched to the music mode. The effect of sound switching is obvious, and the sense of creation is real.

News videos will be updated every day to watch the latest video short news at any time

Online listening to lossless songs, different styles, many channels, there will be song lyrics and other information display, play off the screen when listening to songs, millet 3S smart TV comes with a built-in sound effect is still good, the sound is very clear and bright.

Mango resources seem to be more expensive

In addition to a wealth of online video resources, the homepage also has a fashion pictorial, subdividing the stars, beauty, beautiful maps, boutiques, movies, landscapes and other types, it is very suitable for testing or comparison with other smart TV screen performance.

There are more beautiful photography works in screen protection

Install Jingdong or Taobao TV version APP can also be online shopping, but still feel a little unaccustomed, it seems not as rich as the mobile computer web page

Some other apps in the app store seem to promote the tasteless, many are paid, and the attraction is not particularly large

Instead, some landlords’ games are more fun

Feeling is completely the era of charging, like the resources in the Health Group is almost all to be charged, some resources can be tried, but the feeling is not particularly good.

In addition to the fixed millet scroll ad in the lower left corner, the MIUI TV system has a long standby time and reboots, as well as advertisements in some APP or movie TV series videos, some of which can be skipped with the return key. In fact, Xiaomi's product advertisements can be well-understood for some products through large-screen LCD TVs. There is nothing to it. It can be seen on the Internet. However, screen protection photography, standby recovery, and advertisements in some APPs are still somewhat annoying. Knowing that smart TVs will not be widely used for advertising insertion in the future, anyway, plug-in advertisements are still somewhat unpleasant. At present, the sister paper is not yet fully adapted.

Sixth, different video formats play

MI Millet TV 3S 48-inch smart TV only supports video playback below 1080P, more than this standard will prompt not play, for common mainstream formats such as AVI, MKV, RM, FLV, MOV, TS, MP4, H.265 1080P, built-in The player can support compatibility, Sister Paper also uses the video to compress each of the above formats to try, can play normally. With the support of DOLBY, DTS audio dual decoding, video, audio performance is quite awesome, playing some high-definition video MV sound is very passionate.

Seven, wireless sharing, wireless screen

Sharing resources through the built-in high-definition player, setting up a new directory on the PC to share, and then entering the IP address of the computer in the HD player, you can share resources, especially video resources, through the large-size screen to see better Actual play is also relatively smooth without any stabling.

Almost all mobile phones now support the wireless screen-casting function. Simpang's search for Xplay5 and MI Xiaomi's TV 3S 48-inch smart TV will soon be connected. The photos on the phone will be directly projected on the big screen.

The TV also has Thunder and Baidu Cloud's remote download, tried under Baidu Cloud, do not know why it is no problem to push photos, push the video is always unsuccessful, try again after another day.

Eight, experience summary

MI Millet TV 3S 48 inch Smart TV


Exquisite metal drawing process, minimalist appearance

Samsung screen effect is good, the backlight is uniform, the color is pure, the brightness of the screen backlight is excellent, the bright environment of the living room can also be watched during the day, and the brightness is turned on and half of the backlight is full. There is no feeling that the screen is dull.

One-handed remote control feels very good, the button layout is reasonable and the operation is extremely smooth

Fast boot time, energy saving, MIUI TV smooth operation

The price of 1999 yuan is still quite high

Stable and simple installation

TV sets with sound effects to force

MIUI TV has a friendly interface with clear classification of functions and resources


The WIFI signal reception ability is not as good as that of a mobile phone, especially after passing through the wall.

MIUI TV will break ads

Occasionally, it may feel a bit stuck, and you must clean up the background.

Android version is customized for 4.4.4

Remote control has dead angle

The clarity of online resources is somewhat uneven

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