Industry 4.0 drives technology professionals to ease employment pressure in the industry

Hong Kong used to be known as the "Asian Four Little Dragons". It has a prosperous industrial development, mature technology and leading Asia. Unfortunately, it has been affected by rising production costs. Since the 1980s, the factory has started to move north, and Hong Kong's industry has been quiet for many years. The chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Mr Cheng said that the industry had expected the Government to set up an Innovation and Technology Bureau before the reunification to support the industry to upgrade production levels. The result was a reversal. "Hong Kong wasted nearly 20 years of 'youth'. Now, Singapore and Taiwan are both It’s just that we have not improved our skills before we go ahead.

Smart factory shape such as high-rise commercial building

In recent years, the Hong Kong Government has stepped up efforts to promote "re-industrialization", including the allocation of a science park to expand the use of industrial villages to accommodate smart factories. Zheng Wencong welcomes these measures and believes that Hong Kong still has an advantage and can catch up. He described that under "Industry 4.0", factory workers are no longer grassroots "blue collars", but highly educated professionals, even with doctoral degrees, solving procedures and even mechanical problems, the factory is no longer labor intensive.

Zheng Wencong pointed out that intelligent production is not to relocate the factories in the Mainland to Hong Kong. Instead, it will return some of its operations to the local area and use the limited space in Hong Kong to set up intelligent factories for intelligent production. In the future, the factory that the public sees is not a low-rise, heavily polluting factory, but a shape like a high-end commercial building.

24-hour operation saves manpower

Huang Keqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Science and Technology Parks, mentioned that the re-industrialization of Hong Kong can refer to "DarkFactory", that is, a large number of robots are used in the factory, and the engineers calculate the procedures in advance and set the required processes to allow the machines to communicate with each other. It can also operate 24 hours a day, saving people and saving money.

Huang Keqiang believes that the fully automatic and fully robotic mode of operation is suitable for certain types of work, such as high-altitude high-altitude or construction work, as well as work to deal with waste or contact with bacteria. He believes that these traditionally handled processes will be followed by Can be automated.

The "re-industrialization" will further promote the employment of highly educated and skilled people in Hong Kong and provide opportunities for upward mobility. Huang Keqiang said that emerging industries will bring a lot of employment opportunities and meet the needs of Hong Kong's knowledge-based society. The US authorities have research reports that each additional job vacancy in manufacturing can bring 2.9 jobs to other industries. Bring more opportunities to use what you have learned.

Industry advocates government to provide tax rebate

In the early stage of intelligent production implementation, the cost will increase. Zheng Wencong believes that it is a long-term investment. When the operation is on track, it will find that the production is more accurate and the selling price can be increased accordingly. He hopes that in addition to providing financial support for research, the government should also consider offering companies that are willing to invest in scientific research to provide three times tax rebates and other incentives to encourage the industry to upgrade its technology.


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