Meiling Wei Bangfu: Energy Savings Cannot be at the Cost of Increasing Costs

As we all know, the refrigerator is the only electrical appliance that needs 24 hours of continuous cloud-like electrical appliances. Because of this, the development of refrigerator energy-saving technology is particularly concerned by consumers. Meiling Refrigerator, which we are familiar with, has been focusing on energy conservation for many years, and has also maintained the leading edge of this energy-saving technology, constantly refreshing its own energy-saving records. From the energy-saving Wang refrigerators that “think electricity expenses, use ten-year refrigerators” to the “terminator I-generation refrigerators that are less than once-a-day power”, Meiling’s continuous R&D of energy-saving technologies has reduced the daily power consumption of refrigerators from 0.29 degrees. To 0.27 degrees, and then to 0.23 degrees today, the industry continues to "bottom" try. Today, ZOL has also had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Wei Bangfu, an energy conservation leader who has won several national science and technology awards and Mr. Wei Bangfu, the chief energy conservation expert of Meiling. Mr. Wei also gave us detailed explanations on the energy saving subsidy policy and Meiling’s energy saving concept. .

We all know that the compressor is the heart of refrigeration, and the restart process generates many unnecessary energy consumption. When the whole industry was helpless, Mr. Wei Bangfu and his refrigeration team broke the formula with their actions. In the refrigerator, a flow control device was added to the refrigerator to start and stop synchronously with the compressor, effectively reducing the refrigerator. Renewed energy loss. In the interview, Mr. Wei repeatedly mentioned that the idea is that energy-saving products cannot be costly. This way, although the refrigerator is energy-efficient, consumers generally need to spend more to buy refrigerators. Can not achieve true "energy saving", nor can it bring benefits to consumers.

However, Meiling’s energy-saving refrigerators and freezers are not based on the premise of increasing costs. The real energy saving is more about starting from the details. Mr. Wei Bangfu said: “In the refrigerator energy-saving technology, the contribution of details can not be overlooked, accounting for 75 With the increasingly refined production of refrigerator components, the gradual improvement of refrigerator materials has made indelible contributions to the advancement of energy-saving technologies, and there is room for exploration in the overall design details of refrigerators. "There are tiny gaps between the refrigerator door and the box. Although it is insignificant, the refrigerator is operating 24 hours a day. This wastes a lot of energy. After discovering this problem, we set out to study how to narrow these gaps. To save energy," said Mr. Wei Bangfu.

With the introduction of the national energy subsidies policy and the gradual implementation of price ladders, energy-saving products are bound to become the focus of market attention in the second half of 2012. In this energy-saving subsidy policy, Meiling has a number of refrigerators entered the list. Whether it is a low-priced two-door or three-door product or a mid-to-high-end multi-door, door-to-door refrigerator, Meiling has a refrigerator which is the lowest energy consumption in the same type of refrigerator, and the advantages of these products and technologies are: It is to rely on Mr. Wei Bangfu and the R&D team he leads. I believe that in this wave of energy subsidies, I believe that Meiling will also bring consumers more cost-effective energy-saving refrigerators, also believe that Meiling will rely on the accumulation of energy-saving technology in 30 years, get more consumers of all ages!

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