Analysis of urban road lighting energy saving

With the rapid development of urban economic construction and transportation, the scale and quantity of lighting for urban construction is increasing, and the electricity consumption of urban lighting is also rising rapidly. How to promote a low-carbon economy and promote green lighting on the premise of meeting the needs of urban residents and alleles for living and working, meeting traffic safety, and smooth traffic. In urban road lighting, scientific and reasonable power saving has become an important issue at present. This article talks about this experience on this topic.

First, the appropriate illumination

In our urban road lighting and power saving work, the appropriate illuminance is the first issue to be paid attention to. We must carry out urban road lighting design according to the nature and scale of urban roads in accordance with the CJJ45-2006 standard of Urban Road Lighting Design Standards. A variety of design schemes meeting the requirements of lighting standards are proposed, and comprehensive technical and economic analysis and comparison are carried out to select the best road illumination value and illumination power density value which are advanced in technology, economical and energy-saving. Can not be separated from the "urban road lighting design standards", one-sided pursuit of brightness, the pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of luxury.

Second, the capacitor compensation

The light source of urban road lighting is mainly a gas discharge lamp, which has a large starting current and a low power factor, and is generally below 0.45, which causes a large loop current and a large loss on the line. In the "City Road Lighting Design Standards", gas discharge lamps are required to be compensated by capacitors, and the power factor after compensation should be not less than 0.8. However, it is not clear whether the standard is centralized compensation or single lamp dispersion compensation. Currently both capacitor compensation methods are in use. I believe that because the streetlight facilities are evenly distributed on both sides of the road, the low-voltage wiring from the power supply to the streetlights is long. The loss caused by the road lighting system mainly occurs in this section. The centralized compensation method of the streetlight power supply does not reduce the low voltage. Power consumption of wiring. The use of single lamp dispersion compensation can undoubtedly reduce the loss generated by the street lamp power supply to the lamp, which will have a good power saving effect.

Third, the implementation of midnight control

In the middle of the night, half of the light source is turned off, and the power saving effect is direct and significant. The power saving during the power saving operation period is 50%, and the total is about 30%. At present, the city generally adopts this midnight control mode, and adopts the measures of “bright one by one” or “bright one by two” to turn off part of the light source, and the power saving effect is very obvious. However, when the "bright one by one" or "bright one by two" mode is adopted, the road illumination uniformity will be poor. When unilaterally lighting, it is not advisable to promote the method of turning off half of the light source. If this method is used, the lanes will be disparity in the latter half of the night, and the uniformity of illumination is far below the requirements of the design standards. In practical use, the author believes that a dual-source luminaire solution can be used, and the two light sources can have equal power or unequal power. When using this lighting scheme, the two light sources are all bright in the middle of the night, and one of the light sources is turned off in the middle of the night. In this way, the uniformity of the contrast has little effect, and this scheme can be adopted when the one-side arrangement, the staggered arrangement, and the symmetric arrangement are used.

Fourth, intelligent light source buck-regulator-dimming technology,

The intelligent light source buck-regulator-dimming technology is to install the device at the beginning of the street lamp distribution circuit. In the first half of the night, the street lamp circuit is controlled to full pressure, which is close to midnight, and the voltage is reduced when the car is scarce. Its power saving principle is two, one of which is that the high-pressure sodium lamp keeps the voltage below 198V, the light source will not go out; the second is because the grid user is less in the second half of the night, the load is low, the grid voltage is higher than 220V, and the overvoltage This will consume an extra portion of the power, and the use of this device will avoid this part of the waste. According to engineering practice, its power saving effect is about 15%. The use of such a device not only saves electric energy, does not affect the uniformity of illumination, but also avoids over-voltage operation of the light source and prolongs the life of the light source electrical appliance. It should be noted that this method is to step down the power distribution circuit, and all the lamps in the circuit will run at low voltage. Since the power supply radius of the street lamp distribution circuit is as long as 800 meters, the voltage gradually decreases with the increase of the distance between the lamp and the power supply terminal. If the circuit design is improper, there is a possibility that the remote voltage cannot meet the normal maintenance voltage required by the light source.

Fifth, the use of variable power ballast

The variable power ballast utilizes the principle that the gas discharge lamp can still operate normally when the working current is appropriately reduced, and the ballast reactance is increased in the latter half of the night, thereby reducing the light source current and achieving the overall energy saving effect of the street lamp system. This method can be applied to various street lamp layouts and light source combinations because it is installed at the luminaire. For the original road lighting project, the additional variable power ballast can also be used for transformation, and the ballasts of the original lamps are not replaced, which is convenient for reconstruction and lowering the system cost.

Sixth, intelligent lighting control system

As early as the early 1990s, developed countries have extensively used intelligent lighting control systems to reduce the cost of urban lighting. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Construction, and the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued the Opinion of No. 223 on Further Promoting the "China Green Lighting Project" in 2000, proposing to promote the power-saving intelligent lighting control system and carry out green lighting in depth. Requirements for energy saving work. The intelligent lighting control system provides various automatic control functions for lighting equipment, and realizes trouble-free intelligent and unattended operation through computer control and management software. It not only saves a large part of the comprehensive cost, but also facilitates the travel of pedestrians and vehicles. It can also extend the life of the lamps by more than 2 times on average, greatly reducing the loss of lamps, saving the purchase cost of lamps and replacement engineering fees and maintenance fees. In addition, the labor of maintenance personnel is also reduced. More importantly, in many places, the replacement of lamps is very difficult and dangerous. Work accidents occur sometimes, and the extension of the life of the lamps can greatly reduce the occurrence of such dangers. Improve safety and reliability.

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