Lynx watch TV live super simple tutorial, novice can read

The Lynx Box is a network high-definition set-top box jointly built by Alibaba's Tmall's famous smart TV box manufacturers TCL, Skyworth, and Zhuhai Maike Electronics. Through the "Tmall Box", users can watch high-definition movies and TVs, play somatosensory games, popular large-scale 3D games, online shopping, pay for utilities, etc. on TV for free, and transfer human-computer interaction from traditional PCs and mobile terminals. In the living room, realize the concept of high-definition interconnection for future digital homes.

Tmall can not only easily watch online video content, but also can connect to the box through a mobile hard disk or USB flash drive, play locally stored videos, and enjoy family viewing time with family members at any time. However, it is a pity that the Tmall Box does not have the ability to watch live TV. This requires the installation of some third-party applications to implement this function. The installation steps are also relatively simple. Here I will use the sofa butler as an example to teach you how to Install third-party software on Tmall's box.

【installation method】
The first step: go to the sofa butler's official website to download a sofa butler package to the U disk.
Step 2: Insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface of the Tmall's box. The system detects the connected mobile device and the corresponding menu will pop up. Select “Apply”.
The third step: enter the file list interface, you can see the sofa butler's installation package, move the remote control to the sofa butler icon, press the OK button to confirm the installation.

If there is program parsing error, please repeat the above steps in format U disk FAT32 format or replace the U disk.

If the above steps all fail to be installed, you can click on the link to join the group [Tmall Magic Box Exchange] to get the solution. (Group number)

After downloading the sofa butler, you can download all kinds of live applications through the sofa butler client, and easily watch CCTV TV live.

In addition to being able to watch live broadcasts, sofa butlers also provide a large number of movies and TV on demand applications.

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