Enfren, the latest recommended LED desk lamp with freely deformable head

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Enfren, which specializes in the production of LED table lamps, has launched an upgraded version of the "LTK-1600", a popular "free-standing LED table lamp" with innovative LED table lamps.

The environmentally friendly LED desk lamp "LTK-1600" adopts the free-form head of the same model, and rotates the four headlight modules of the specially designed head, so that the light source can be concentrated at a certain point.

In particular, the mercury-free Super Brightness LED of Seoul Semiconductor is used in the light source section, so that the illuminance is brighter and a wider illumination angle is ensured.

In terms of design, the use of a double flexible spring tube not only moves up and down, but also moves left and right, and the desired height and angle can be adjusted freely, improving user convenience.

In addition, a built-in touch sensor switch that can perform three-step brightness adjustment (Off -1-2-3) is built. When Off, an atmosphere light function and a self-timer (Selftimer, automatic off after one hour operation) are used.

In addition, LED (semiconductor) is used, which is mercury-free and environmentally friendly. Compared with fluorescent lamps, it consumes less power and has a longer life (more than 6 times). At the same time, the DC power supply (DC) is used, and there is no flicker to protect the user's vision.

On the other hand, Enfren recently signed a sales and purchase contract with Japanese trade customers, plans to strengthen the follow-up product development and production line of LED magnifying glass lamps, and build a sales network to expand the Japanese market with professional distribution networks.