Entering the ECFA era, Hongyan Dongbei crystal debut

The ECFA (Framework Agreement on Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation) came into force. The cross-strait economy has entered the era of ECFA, and the cooperation between enterprises on both sides of the strait has also blossomed.

Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Dongbei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. formally joined hands in the LED industry. The first three LED table lamps produced in cooperation will be listed in the near future.

At the end of last year, Hongyan Electric threw out a large-scale cooperation with Dongbei Group, a famous LED manufacturer in Taiwan, and established a LED lighting joint venture company. This is also the first electrician company in Zhejiang to cooperate with Taiwan.

"Hongyan Electric must work with Taiwan's partners to become a gold digger in a low-carbon economy." Wang Micheng said. According to reports, this upcoming LED table lamp represents the top level of the industry: the LED life of more than 40,000 hours, 40 times the life of traditional incandescent light source, 7 times that of energy-saving lamps.

For Hongyan Electric, this product has more special significance. This is a representative product of Hongyan's transformation and upgrading, and it also marks that Hongyan Electric will invest more energy in the home lighting industry in the future. "If you change 30% of China's lighting sources into LEDs, by 2020, you will save more than 200 billion kWh of electricity every year!" Wang Yancheng, president of Hongyan, said that the third lighting revolution with LED as the core is being launched globally. Lighting is rapidly surpassing the expected speed and penetrates into a wider range of ordinary indoor lighting, especially in the home lighting market. “Hongyan and Dongbei are working together to adapt to this industry trend and at the same time to introduce the Chinese people to environmentally friendly life concepts. ."