Dongbei raised NT$675 million to expand production, and estimated Q4 capacity to reach 580kk

LED packaging factory Dongbei (2499) plans to increase 15 million shares, price NT$45 per share, raise 675 million yuan, and increase funds for expansion. The company's monthly capacity in the first half of the year is 420kk, which is expected to increase to 580kk in Q4.

Dongbei Q4 TV products have the opportunity to win new Japanese and Taiwanese customers. It is estimated that Q3's single-quarter revenue will maintain Q2's NT$2.041 billion, and optimistic about Q4 will have an urgency effect. It is estimated that the performance of TV LED products in 2010 and 2011 will increase by multiples.

Dongbei 2010 EPS 2.15 yuan, August revenue was NT$ 670 million, a decrease of 4.69%. Accumulated revenue from January to August reached 4.62 billion yuan, surpassing 2009's annual revenue of 4 billion yuan, nearly double the annual growth.