Wastewater total phosphorus solution

Phosphorus is contained in electroplating wastewater, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater. However, the treatment method is different. Wuxi IDC brings you a solution to the problem of excessive levels of phosphorus-containing wastewater. Wuxi Dianchuang Company is committed to the environmental protection equipment, three waste treatment process, water quality online monitoring system technology development, system solutions and well-known water quality online analytical instruments at home and abroad, environmental protection equipment sales agents.

First, electroplating wastewater total phosphorus exceeded

Phosphorus in electroplating wastewater is rather special. Unlike general total phosphorus, phosphorus in electroplating wastewater is generally sub-phosphorous. For sub-phosphorous wastewater, traditional phosphorus removal agent cannot be used. A more effective method is to use hypophosphorous removal. The agent is treated and catalyzed by the catalyst. The hypophosphorous remover can combine with the subphosphorous to form a homogeneous co-precipitate. For some electroplating factories, electronics factories, and circuit board factories, due to the electroless nickel plating process, sodium hypophosphite is used as a reducing agent in the raw water. Therefore, there is a problem of excessive phosphorus content in the waste water.

Second, the domestic sewage exceeded the total phosphorus

Phosphorus in domestic sewage is mostly organic phosphorus. For organic phosphorus, the most effective and cost-saving method is biochemical treatment. Nowadays, many large-scale domestic sewage treatment plants have several biochemical pools for treatment and can degrade COD. Phosphorus, total nitrogen and other indicators. For total phosphorus, since biochemical treatment can convert part of the organic phosphorus into positive phosphorus, chemical treatment is often continued after biochemistry, and iron-based phosphorus removal agent or calcium-based phosphorus removal agent is added to the wastewater for treatment.

Phosphorus wastewater total phosphorus exceeded

Phosphating wastewater generally refers to anodizing wastewater, industrial phosphorous wastewater, phosphoric acid wastewater, etc. Phosphorus in these wastewaters is generally orthophosphate. For this type of phosphorus, conventional phosphorus removal agents are generally used for treatment, for example, for relatively high concentrations of phosphorus. The anodizing wastewater can be added with lime. For industrial wastewater with low phosphorus concentration, iron-based phosphorus removal agent can be added for precipitation treatment.

IV. Phosphorus-containing Wastewater from Fertilizer Plants

Fertilizer plant or pesticide wastewater is generally organic phosphorus wastewater. For this type of organic phosphorus wastewater, two processes are used for treatment, oxidation treatment or biochemical treatment. Oxidation treatment of wastewater is to oxidize organic phosphorus to positive phosphorus, and then add positive phosphorus removal agent. The treatment is similar to the biochemical treatment. It is also the first to oxidize organic phosphorus to positive phosphorus, and then to treat the positive phosphorus. Both of these processes are practical for the pesticide wastewater from chemical fertilizer plants. If the water volume is relatively large, it is recommended to use a biochemical method with a relatively small amount of water, which can be treated with an oxidizing phosphorus removal agent.

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