Change your Big Sister's "Control Center" - NETGEAR Netgear R7800 AC2600M Router


Q: Does anyone remember the millet router that I've sunburned?

This is the original link above. At the time, it was a blue mini style. Now the home is idle with four routes: Mercury, Mercury, TP, plus a millet mini.

Q: Why did Xiaomi mini have "free time"?

The original signal in the toilet was changed to a stable 1 grid signal after switching to the millet route. But this is not the reason for idleness. The reason is the use of its USB external hard drive port, damaged me a U disk (the final repair process can be seen in the repair of Miss sister's mobile house - Kingston Kingston DT101 U disk ) . Then I thought that it was not a U disk chip and I changed a mobile hard disk. . . The result is that mobile hard drives are also glorious. But fortunately, just burned the hard disk box, spend 60 flowers on the line, and the big sister inside is fine. . . The existence of this kind of threatening big sister is a need to stand firm .

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While thinking about how to solve this problem, the gods around him jumped out.

Great God: Directly throughout the high-end, no problem with 5 years.

Me: You said it easily. The price is 4 digits.

God: young people. You have to look at it from a long-term perspective. 365 days a year, 1460 days in 4 years. You calculate 1 yuan a day, and you can do it within 1400.

Great God: Isn’t the big sister worthy of this 1,400 yuan? The data is priceless and the big sister is forever.

I: I don't know what to say... It seems to make sense.

It's too late, it's fast. At this time Aunt Zhang jumped out. Number nickname outside! ! Jingdong network product offers. Net product sales. . . When you look at it, if you look at it, it's not a good idea. Everyone knows it. It's not bad for 10 years and 8 years. It can also be passed on to the next generation. Although not a family treasure, everyone can do nothing. . . . Huang He, you XXX, ran away with a little blind, we opened the factory............

Do you not say that I am still not OK? I 剁剁剁剁..................

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To tell the truth, this is my first contact with a high-end router product. Always heard and rumored in the gods' various sunbaths, and of course touched   . The long-term high-end router has given me the impression that there is forcing, high stability, powerful hardware, and outstanding features. Especially when there are many devices, heavy network loads, and games, the performance of the router may well be reflected.   .

I also said that I need to hang a mobile hard disk. In fact, my requirement is to build a home NAS. You can hang small things under the hard disk, can be encrypted, can be shared, can "full" control of home network products. The core part of this is the router.

Through the creation of a few excellent NASes for the original Great God, there is also the embarrassment of the “Great God” around him. There was a case of unpacking a single NETGEAR R7800 wireless router.

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NETGEAR R7800 (hereinafter referred to as R7800) uses red and black boxes. In the middle of the product is the appearance of the product, with white and red text around the product name and model. The overall color is still relatively pleasing.

After opening the box, it can be seen placed on the top manual and warranty card. The R7800 router is wrapped in plastic bags. The design of the box is not exquisite, it does not make full use of space, and there is no fun to unpack it. This needs to learn about miscellaneous grains.

Take it out and take a family photo. Charger, router, yellow network cable, antenna, manual and warranty card.

The adapter used by the NETGEAR R7800 router is quite large, with a power output of 12V~3.5A. It should be emphasized here that the shape of the four antennas is different, and the numbers are also marked on the top. It seems that it cannot be blindly inserted.

The mesh of R7800 is a matte material and it feels delicate. The advantage of this material is that it is not easy to get dirty.

There are quite a few indicators on the surface, and almost all the state functions of the router can be reflected from the lights. Two of the right-most WiFi and WPS lights can be pressed. WiFi and WPS switch.

The router has three external mobile storage interfaces. On the left are two USB 3.0 ports, and on the right is an eSATA port. The interface is very comprehensive and can adapt to different storage needs. Simply speaking, it is the sister bus, which one you want to insert.

The socket on the back of the R7800 is not well described. Here we have an LED switch. This design is my favorite, because the router kept flashing in the middle of the night, wake up in the middle of the night and thought it was sleeping in the D hall.

As mentioned earlier, the four antenna connectors are different.

The final assembly is still very compelling. Calm atmosphere, a look to know that it is high-end goods.

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Simple test

Not much to say about configuring the network, wasting everyone's traffic. I simply put it into practice.

Netgear genie application

The function of the Netgear genie PC management program is quite complete. But the interface style color is not my favorite. Most of the settings management of the router can be done here, and you can open the network storage to see what the media. However, there is less download management.

The download manager needs to open the browser to configure. The interface is unfriendly and looks a little messy. The function is the same as most routers. It supports BT, Emule and FTP directly to the external hard disk.

The router should be able to mount three hard disks at the same time, but there are no eSATA interface devices, so two are hung. Click on the client's Readyshare you can see the device, the address is the router's address.

Or do not install the client, you can see the R7800 by opening "My Computer" - "Network". You need to hide your big sister.

Simple transmission test

Through two USB 3.0 mutual transmission big sister, the speed is maintained at only about 4.5MB/sec.

From one of the hard drives to the computer, the speed was fast and stayed at 33MB/sec.

â—† The media player on the computer can directly play the media in the LAN device, which is quite convenient. The same smart TV can also be oh.

◆ If you want to watch movies on your phone, it is recommended to use the “ES file browser” app, which allows you to directly view the network storage under the LAN. The operation interface is relatively easy to use.

â–  Then talk about R7800's dynamic QOS. The QOS function of the router can be intelligently arranged according to the priority of different data, to ensure that the data with high timeliness will not be delayed, such as streaming media, games and the like.

â–  After QOS was opened, Thunder would hang on one side, and the game's delay would not be very high. So there should be many people who buy high-end routers to play games. Thunder on the side while driving the dark 3, the same is green, oh.

As for the MU-MIMO Wave2 WiFi technology described in the introduction, it seems that it can be transmitted simultaneously with multiple devices, which is efficient and makes full use of the bandwidth. And the routers in the past have forwarded you and forwarded me.

Network improvement

Did you improve my network at the end?

I probably drew a floor plan for my current residence. The red cross in the upper left corner is the routing location. Why do you want to put it here? Because the fiber optic cable is pulled here. Then it is the toilet that is circled in blue. Usually on the gateway toilet door is a grid signal.

The red line shows the original signal when using coarse grains. The blue line is changed to 2 grids after it is replaced with a new route. Intuitive data is still available.

Can directly test online speed through browser. Similarly, A is a grain, and B is an R7800 router. In the speed measurement, the signal oscillates between 1 and 2 bars. The final result is the download speed of 323.84 KB/S, which is equivalent to less than 3MB of bandwidth. The R7800's 2-cell signal score is 558.08KB/S, and it has a bandwidth of approximately 4.5M. Their upload speeds are all 148.48 KB/s.

Feel free to find an app to test. The same A is grain, B is R7800 router. After switching to the APP, the test speed of coarse grains actually rose, reaching a bandwidth of 4.56M. The R7800 has also increased the bandwidth to 5.34M, and the upload has reached 2.96 Mbps. Overall, the signal strength and stability of the R7800 are stronger, and the toilet can also be used to brush the Aunt’s favor.

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to sum up

Advantages: 1. Strong hardware performance. 2. The signal has good bandwidth. 3 stable operation.

Disadvantages: 1. The client does not do enough. 2. There is no downloader and the interface is not friendly.

The NETGEAR R7800 AC2600M is ideal for use as a home NAS, especially when looking at video or video, with very good transmission speed, signal strength, and stability. Its dynamic QOS and MU-MIMO technology can effectively improve the quality of the network and transmission efficiency. A penny-and-delivery product is a hard-headed one. If long-term and stability are taken into consideration, the price is still acceptable (a white stripe would be fine). Regarding the specific USB-mounted hard disk, this can't be tested and it takes time to prove it. Anyway, mini-mount hard drive, I dare not use the.

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