Ultra-second level? Astra Rui KC08 Headphone Audition Comment

As a flat earplug with a price of 599, if you simply look at the appearance and material, then the Ostertri KC08 headphones can be said to belong to the flagship category (flat head Seneca ), and it is rumored that it also has a super second level of listening Feelings of performance, Xiao Bian can not help but be attracted by all kinds of rumors, this time to come and feel it.

1: appearance introduction

The KC08 uses a pull-opening style on the outer packaging. The black and white color combination plus window design also complements the earbuds.

After pulling out the packaging, you can see that there is a storage box and earplug cotton in addition to earplugs. The second time is a three pack certificate and a set of spare headphone cotton. Still conscience.

The storage box adopts a winding method, and the earplug cotton is treated with a grainy finish.

In terms of the appearance of the earplug body, the KC08 really counted "small fresh meat" in the flat head plug. Without using a titanium plated back cover, the cavity is also made of titanium alloy. Wire drawing plus CD lines also make the overall metal feel more intense

What is more interesting is that the KC08's earphone surface adopts a metal ring hollow design, with its titanium-plated back cover, and the metal feel is particularly strong. In terms of overall appearance, the appearance of KC08's self-designed design can be regarded as one of the best in terms of the flat plug design currently on the market.

KC08 uses a nylon headphone cable, will be more reliable in durability, headphone head is made of gold-plated processing, so that less interference when the audio signal transmission, and at the junction to do a plastic coating, to prevent disconnection problems .

From the overall appearance point of view, whether it is its ID design or material materials, can feel the heart of the Austrian sharp, for a 599 earbuds, the current market is the same size flat head plug design, The appearance of the KC08's own design can indeed be considered one of the best.

2: Listening comments

In order to give full play to the strength of the KC08, we chose the M1 PRO, which has recently gained a lot of momentum.

Overall impression: The KC08 benefits from the 16mm moving coil unit it uses. Its low-frequency performance is very solid, and it is able to send and receive freely, with good dive. The overall tuning is popular and it is not a problem to control most of the music. The analysis is considered to be in the upper and middle level, but due to the KC08 tuning problem, due to the overall bias to the low-mid frequencies, details of the high-frequency are easily lost by its low frequency. Overdue.

Tri-band sense of hearing: As a flat-headed earbud, KC08's tuning is indeed more successful in the experience of Xiaobian, the three-frequency control is more balanced, the high-frequency aspects will be slightly weaker than the low-frequency, glitches Feeling a bit, and there has been a time when you can't go up. The overall performance of the midrange is good, and the ductility is good, but when listening to the female voice, the flavor is a bit worse, and the male voice performs quite well, such as Eason Chan's unique hoarse magnetic reduction is quite good. But the vocals are not close enough to the ear, and the singer is standing in a distant performance. The low frequency can be said that KC08's strengths, deep dive but will not delay, and strong and weak control in place, so there will be no sense of boring, in general, KC08 version is more suitable for listening to pop, rock music, very good The low frequency performance combined with the more balanced medium and high frequency can bring a good listening experience to the user, which is considered a omnivorous earplug.

3: Summary

The ASRock KC08 is an earplug that is priced at only 599 yuan. The manufacturer is very real in giving the user real listening experience tips, and also proved that the flat head plug can also be a good sound. Its 16mm dynamic circle unit with its own tuning brings a warm sense of hearing in the sense of hearing. , people immerse themselves in music and listen to music. And the wearing method of the flat head plug will not be worn like a ear-type ear plug for a long time. The appearance also truly reflects the high pursuit of the quality sense that Ostall sharps. For most of the thousand-grade earbuds currently on the market, the listening and the appearance are truly super-second, if you change recently. For the needs of earplugs, you might as well try to find out and maybe find the one you want.

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