Only the size of the coin is called the world's smallest LED spotlight

Recently, there has been an LED spotlight known as the world's smallest one - 1Puck LP. The spotlight is only coin-sized and is made of an integrated metal structure. Thanks to its ultra-small size, the 1Puck LP can be mounted in the wall without damaging the integrity of the decoration. It can be mounted on the floor and ceiling in addition to the wall.
It is understood that 1Puck LP is powered by a standard 12V DC power supply. In addition to the matching power adapter, it can also be powered by an idle power supply such as a mobile phone charger or a notebook adapter, and supports a 9V-15V DC power supply. 1Puck LP's LED light source and wide power supply adaptability fully reflect the green concept given by the designer MINIMIS.
The price of this product is 125 US dollars, with warm light and white light to choose from.

Window Cleaning Robot

Window cleaning robot is a kind of window glass clean robot. Robot Window Cleaner is very popular recent years. Application in home,office ,hotel and other window or door glass. Very smart and intelligent window robot.this robot with square body design,thin thickness,very silent and use simple. Window robot cleaning can clean high building window glass ,include inside and outside window glass.
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window cleaning robot

Smart window cleaning robot large advantage than ecovacs:

window robot body design thin

With special handle

Fast robot clean speed

Cheaper price sale

Window Cleaning Robot

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