Clip-on solar LED lights are available on the market

Clip-on solar LED lights are available on the market Someone once compared a bedside lamp to a "night pearl" in the bedroom. It can bring a touch of warmth in the darkness. Bedside lamps are an indispensable item in everyday life. With it, people can read books and newspapers on the bedside at night and conveniently close it while sleeping. It is very convenient. Nowadays, the style of bedside lamps is dazzling, but I don't know if you have ever seen energy-saving and environmentally friendly clip-type bedside lamps.

This is a "clip-type solar LED bedside lamp" invented by the team from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology in China. This new energy-saving lamp looks like an extra large clip. The large "clamp" side is a solar panel. People can put it on the window sill during the day so that it can fully enjoy the sun's bathing, so that energy can be stored inside through solar panels, and when the night After the arrival of late, it can convert the internal solar energy into electricity and provide night light energy, so that people can enjoy the pleasant and warmth brought by the sun. The other side of the "clip" has a touch switch and an LED light board. After the user touches the switch, the LED light plate can emit bright light. The solar energy that is stored during the day is converted into electrical energy and transported from the "clip" side to the other side.

Still worrying about the amount of power you use for night lights? If you have this solar LED night light, you don't have to worry about it. Absolutely use the energy that nature brings. It is environmentally friendly and doesn't produce any harmful substances. The user can either place it on the table or clamp it on other objects. "Clip-shaped solar LED light" is very suitable for carrying out, no battery or power, very in line with modern energy saving and environmental protection concept of life.

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