Ladder prices to promote LED energy-saving lamps toward the family

Ladder prices to promote LED energy-saving lamps toward the family Pingbai Shanxipo Museum can save more than half of its electricity every month by saving electricity and replacing it with an LED energy-saving lamp.

Changed the lamp to save two-thirds of the monthly electricity. Recently, in the Xibaipo museum exhibition hall, most of the exhibition halls have been replaced by the LED energy-saving lamps described by Zhang Sister. Comparing with one of the exhibition halls that uses fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps, there have been many highlights in the exhibition hall where LED energy-saving lamps have been replaced.

According to the director of the museum, Sun Jincai, at the beginning, he first replaced the fluorescent energy-saving lamps of a showroom with the LED energy-saving lamps of the company. With the same brightness, by the end of the month, the LED energy-saving lamps used in the exhibition hall was significantly power-efficient. “Now most of the exhibition halls have been replaced with LED energy-saving lamps, and the power consumption has been reduced from 3 to 1,000 degrees.” Sun said. Using this LED energy-saving lamp, the exhibition hall saves two-thirds of the electricity. "This kind of lamp produces less heat and the same brightness is lower than that of other lamps. The load on the power line is small, which reduces the risk of fire."

Later, at a nearby supermarket, the fluorescent light on the roof was also replaced with a LED energy-saving lamp. "The 7-watt LED energy-saving lamp is even brighter than the 32-watt fluorescent lamp that we usually use. I took my heart and changed the light in the supermarket." The supermarket manager said that LED energy-saving lamps are more expensive than fluorescent lamps, but its Energy-saving effect is good, and the service life is particularly long.

LED lamp energy-saving and environmental protection LED energy-saving lamp, as a new type of light source, is a semiconductor device that can directly convert electric energy into light energy, and its electro-optical conversion efficiency is over 90%. According to Wu Zhanbing, business manager of Hebei Longquan Electric Co., Ltd., LED does not require filament heating, and consumes the least amount of electric energy when it generates the same brightness. The power consumption is one-tenth that of incandescent lamps, and it is one quarter of fluorescent tube lamps. one.

In addition, LED energy-saving lamps use solid cold light source, the service life of up to 50,000 hours or more, with high brightness, longevity, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, pure DC work without strobe eye protection, no harmful substances can be fully recycled, application A wide range of advantages.

Recently, the deputy director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Shijiazhuang City, Lu Changmin, introduced LED energy-saving lamps as a new type of light source, which combines energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages. "With the deepening of the national energy-saving emission reduction policy and the delisting of incandescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps will become the first choice for residents."

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Range Hoods

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