Large-capacity washing machine into the market mainstream LG drum washing machine favored

Large-capacity washing machine into the market mainstream LG drum washing machine favored Since the winter, many cities and regions have set a record for low temperatures. The cold weather makes people pay more attention to keeping warm and cold, whether it is thick bedding and other bedding, windproof curtains on doors and windows, or heavy down coats, cotton clothes...big clothing is absolutely necessary for cold protection, but how to clean these thick ones Clothing, but also take into account the care of different fabrics clothing? The highly acclaimed LG "6 kinds of smart hand-washing" washing machine added a new dimension in this winter, 17kg and 12kg two large-capacity drum washing machines shocked the market, so you show a new "net" world this winter!

Clean Upgrade Maximum Drum Washer Lands in China Market

Looking at the current washing machine market, large-capacity washing machines have become the mainstream of market competition, and it is understood that the 17KG drum washing machine is currently the largest capacity drum washing machine in China, equipped with intelligent technology LG 17kg large capacity washing machine will undoubtedly become the absolute market today overlord. The winter clothes are heavy and huge. After washing and dipping, the weight will increase further. The washing machine with the general capacity is difficult to complete the huge cleaning task. Only the large-capacity washing machine can solve this problem.

LG's new large-capacity drum washing machine has a more spacious inner barrel space, allowing large pieces of clothing to completely escape the narrow space. Even with heavy curtains, quilt cover, cotton clothes, or a large number of clothes that are usually occupied by busy work, LG large-capacity drum washing machines can be easily washed at one time, making it easy and labor-saving.

LG 17kg large-capacity drum washing machine's large inner cylinder can avoid folds of clothes, and the washing effect is better. It is known that when a lot of clothes are put in a small-capacity washing machine, it is difficult to avoid wrinkles caused by the clothes being pressed against each other. The large-capacity drum washing machine can evenly distribute clothes, effectively reducing the number of wraps and reducing the chance of wrinkling. At the same time, due to the increase in the drop in the oversized inner tube, the space for the clothes to be beaten is also greater, and the washing effect is naturally better.

"6 kinds of smart hand wash" professional care of high-end clothing

Wool, wool, and other clothing are necessary for warmth, but for such high-end fabrics, washing with an ordinary washing machine is a bit too rough and has a great deal of damage. The LG 17kg large-capacity washing machine not only has enough space to accommodate these heavy clothes, it's "6 kinds of smart hand wash" feature, but also the ultimate care of high-end fabrics.

The "6 kinds of smart hand wash" function can simulate 6 kinds of actions when human hand-washing clothes are used, and a combination of different washing methods is applied to clothes of different materials so as to strengthen the washing effect and try to care for the clothes. "Clean knock" can lift the clothes to the highest point and then beat them down to forcefully remove stubborn stains. "Strong netting" and "soaking and kneading" can fully dissolve the detergent and disperse the stains through a large and slight swing in the cylinder. Penetrating Squeeze uses centrifugal force to act on the iron feather cylinder wall in the rinsing and cleaning process, effectively removing residues and enhancing the rinsing performance; and “fluffy solution” can prevent the winding, and “smooth shaking” can shake the clothes at low speed to protect the clothing.

High-temperature steam sterilization anti-sensitive have tricks

In such cold weather, people choose to close their doors and enjoy a comfortable "warm winter" indoors. However, because the air does not circulate, heart bacteria dust mites will quietly cling to clothing, bringing trouble to the family's health. The LG washing machine is equipped with a steam generator that has obtained a national patent. The high-temperature steam function brings natural care to the health of the family.

The "high-temperature steam" function utilizes steam with a stronger penetration and activity than water to achieve functions such as steam allergy prevention, washing, and odor removal. High-temperature steam can maintain the temperature of the entire inner cylinder at 50-60°C, effectively removing allergens. This function has also been certified by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Korean Asthma Process Association and the British Allergy Foundation. Not only has the anti-allergic function, steam washing effect is also very prominent. The tiny vapor molecules can penetrate clothes, carry away volatile stains, decompose water-soluble stains, and separate and discharge them. For clean but wrinkled clothes, the steam refresh function eliminates the need for water washing, smoothing wrinkles and feeling fresher.

DD frequency conversion direct drive motor noise saving energy more peace of mind

Will such a large-capacity washing machine be noisy when it is in operation? You don't have to worry about this at all. LG's R & D DD frequency conversion direct drive motor, the motor and the inner cylinder directly connected, successfully broke through the earlier motor power consumption, noise and other limitations, by many families love. Of course, with this leading technology, LG ranks among the world's top washing machine products.

DD frequency conversion direct drive motor can work efficiently while ensuring strong power. It can adjust the speed according to the washing environment, that is, it can save water and electricity while washing a small amount of clothes or washing at a low speed. The DD frequency conversion direct drive motor is driven by direct drive, eliminating the source of noise and changing the three power centers in the center, the center of the motor and the center of the belt of the conventional belt motor, which are not uniform and reduce the source of vibration. LG Labs test results show that the noise level of ordinary motor is reduced by 17.4%.

LG washing machine not only creates a clean space for the family, but also brings leading intelligent technology to Chinese consumers: LG17kg large capacity drum washing machine is equipped with intelligent diagnostic function, it can more accurately self-evaluate, and make the user easily in the first time Solve the problem of the machine. With a simple press of the button, the handset microphone is placed on the button. In 20 seconds, the operator can identify 78 problems without having to explain the cause of the problem, quickly diagnose the problem, and save maintenance costs and time.

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