Apple and UnionPay push mobile payment 2014 into the year of NFC outbreak

On May 20, according to the China Business Times, Apple has reached an agreement with China UnionPay to jointly launch mobile payment services. At present, Apple mainly relies on TouchID in the mobile payment market, but it is not impossible to integrate the NFC chip and TouchID into the Home button. Apple submitted relevant patents in September last year.

In addition, there are media reports that the iPhone 6 will load NFC technology. Apple's support for NFC technology has been further confirmed, and the long-term development bottleneck of China's mobile payment industry - the terminal popularization problem is expected to achieve a historic breakthrough. At present, the NFC technology terminal and the acceptance environment have been basically rebuilt, and the policy is biased. Everything is in place, and 2014 is expected to be the year of the NFC outbreak.

In this regard, Ping An Securities computer industry analyst Fu Jian believes that mobile payment will become the industry's main investment line in the second half of this year. In the mobile payment industry chain, Internet platform operators will usher in historic development opportunities.

In the research report released today, Fu Jian pointed out that in the long run, the refinancing of the GEM will soon be launched. Once the refinancing is liberalized, the main obstacles restricting the development of the GEM will be a major breakthrough. The extended growth path of listed companies in the computer industry is expected to be completely opened. Therefore, he is still confident in the computer industry. Fu Jian said that the mobile payment industry has benefited from the long-term trend of policy support and technological progress. At the same time, the industry's growth momentum has not diminished. In the context of the industry's overall tax rebate situation in the first quarter, the computer industry as a whole still achieved a net profit growth of around 20%. After the industry tax rebate is normalized, the overall profit growth of the industry is expected to rise further.

At present, the valuation of some high-quality stocks in the computer sector is close to the lower limit of the historical range. Fu Jian believes that after the panic slump, the computer industry has obvious valuation advantages. Fu Jian believes that the IPO restarts the boots and the configuration is coming. We continue to advise investors to focus on the long-term investment opportunities brought by “software-defined everything” and IT localization. In the second half of the year, China’s NFC mobile payment industry chain should be strategically placed. Continuously recommend new Kaipu, Jinzheng shares, Star Network Ruijie, Guangdian Express, Guanglianda, UFIDA Software, Hande Information, Dongfang Guoxin, Beyondsoft, New Beiyang and other stocks.

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