Analysis of the application of mainstream technology in smart home

1, smart home mainstream technology

The birth of smart home is very early, and it has been in China for more than ten years. However, the development of smart home in China has been tepid. Until the application of Internet of Things technology in recent years, the field has been widely recognized by the public. At the beginning of 2012, the state decided to include smart homes in the nine industries of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. In the past two or three years, the rapid development of smart homes, home appliance companies, security intercom manufacturers with their own superior products as the entry point, have joined the smart home industry , domestic and foreign brands are robbing this market.

In essence, smart homes serve people and serve the family. They are designed to improve people's comfort and improve their quality of life. From a technical point of view, the key is whether the development of related technologies can meet people's higher demand for modern family life. Smart home application requirements are:

Easy to use, easy for both the elderly and children;

Expand as you like, and if you want to add as needed, you can DIY yourself;

Product performance is stable and safe to use;

Installation is very simple, both new and old;

If smart home products are able to enter thousands of households like computers and mobile phones, and truly benefit everyone's life, they must meet the above basic requirements. To achieve the above goals, the technology used in its products is the key, then let us first look at the mainstream technology in the smart home field.

Smart home mainstream technology

Due to its diversity and individuality, the smart home field has also led to numerous technical routes and standards, and there is no unified technical standard system. From the perspective of technical application, there are three main types of mainstream technologies:

Bus technology

The main feature of bus technology is that all devices communication and control are based on a total online, is a fully distributed intelligent control network technology, its product modules have two-way communication capabilities, and interoperability and interchangeability, its control components can be Programming. More influential bus technologies on the market include LonWorks, KNX, EIB, CAN, BACNet, and others. Bus technology products are more suitable for large-area control such as building intelligence and community intelligence. The advantages are mature technology, stable system, high reliability, and wide application. However, the general installation is more complicated and the cost is higher. The construction period is long, and it is only applicable to users who need to re-wire the newly renovated or retrofit old houses, and need professional maintenance for later.

  Wireless Communication Technology

There are many wireless communication technologies, and the wireless communication technologies that have been successfully applied in the smart home field mainly include: radio frequency (RF) technology (mostly 315 and 433 MHz), IrDA infrared technology, HomeRF protocol, Zigbee standard, Z-Wave standard, Z-world standard, X2D technology, etc. The main advantage of the wireless technology solution is that it requires no wiring, is easy to install and flexible, and can be expanded or modified at any time according to requirements. The biggest disadvantage of wireless communication is that the signal is easily interfered, resulting in system instability and directly affecting the user experience.

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