Small pitch and door head screen who market is big?

Small pitch and door head screen who market is big?

For the LED display industry, the small gap has always been the headline of the industry, and it is the subject of LED people never going out of time. Looking ahead, full screen is a small pitch. However, the small pitch is not unique, and the LED display family has the largest market capacity in the market.

As we all know, small pitches have been advancing from the birth date with seamless splices and rich colors. In 2014, small-pitch LED products achieved sales of 900 million yuan. In 2015, the global small-pitch LED market reached 2.42 billion yuan. Yuan Renminbi. Entering 2016, we can see from the 2015 financial statements of the six listed companies in the display industry and the first quarter 2016 financial reports. Thanks to the continuous outbreak of the small-pitch LED screen market, Liaard, Jian Jian, Chau Mingdu has achieved net profit growth to varying degrees. Related industry sources predict that this year, the market share of small-pitch LED displays will further expand.

However, as the international market economy continues to slow down, the upstream packaging factories continue to cut prices, the production costs gradually decline, coupled with the LED screen manufacturers to fight the price war, leading to increasingly fierce market competition, profit margins, Compared to the small pitch LED display that came out in 2012, the price has already fallen several times. Therefore, the growth rate of the small-pitch market is slow and the profit margin has declined.

Compared with small pitches, the demand for door head screens is large, and the potential for market development is good. Although the early door screens were mostly packaged in a straight line, single and double colors, the spacing was large, and the display effect was poor. Its only advantage is its low cost, low price, and low technical requirements. Therefore, in the early stages of development, with the lowest cost advantage, it gradually replaced banners and inkjets, which are generally accepted by shopkeepers. However, as a result of the large number of companies entering the market, the market is getting worse and the profits are getting lower and lower.

But now, with the advancement and maturity of display technology, many companies have begun to produce P20 full-color door screens, and even more sophisticated P16 products have emerged. At the same time, influenced by the improvement of consumers’ aesthetic standards, some companies are beginning to realize that single-color and double-screen door screens are no longer able to meet the needs of consumers. Only full-color screens with more colorful features and more playback capabilities are the doors of the future. Development trend. In order to better meet the huge potential market demand, companies have spared no effort to launch their own full-screen door screen products, such as powerful giant color launched the wizard series X8, X8-A, X10, X10-A and other four for the door Full color screen product.

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