See still V50 TV evaluation experience: how does the performance of its video on demand function?

After entering the Internet information age, smart applications have become the standard configuration of televisions. Although the functions of the products are increasing and the content is rich, it is undeniable that in the past, the days when the family sat together and watched TV chat were gone forever.

What is the cause of this situation? Some people say that the content of the television itself is missing, and some people say that the emergence of too many intelligent entertainment terminal equipment. In short, there is indeed a rumor in the home appliance industry that televisions will become furnishings. Perhaps you think that the author is alarmist, but the fact is that, especially after 80 or 90 became the mainstream consumer groups, the use of television in the family is getting lower and lower.

Data research
Not long ago, China National Grid carried out data research and analysis on consumer behavior habits. The data showed that 47.2% of consumers believe that the lack of film and television resources is the main reason for the decline in the importance of televisions. To this end, major TV manufacturers should come up with what kind of solution?

Reliance on license plate operators

According to the type of company, the current color TV market brands can be divided into the following two camps. The first camp is dominated by traditional household appliance companies, such as Samsung, LG, and TCL, while the other camp is based on emerging Internet companies such as LeTV, Xiaomi, and Kansang. In fact, regardless of traditional home appliance brands or emerging Internet companies, the “license operator” is a topic that can never be relied on, given the almost no differentiation in product hardware and the desire to satisfy more consumers on video-on-demand.

SARFT Licensee
It is understood that China currently has seven major licenses for future television (ICNTV), BesTV, China TV, Mango TV, China International Broadcasting and Television (CIBN), Central Broad Galaxy (GITV), and Southern Media Interconnected (cloud audiovisual). Businesses, among which China International Broadcasting and Television (CIBN), which can provide consumers with rich content such as BesTV, ICNTV, iQiyi, and PPTV, are highly sought after by major TV manufacturers. In addition, the author learned from CIBN that CIBN has reintegrated its video resources to meet the needs of more consumers. For example, video content producers such as PPTV, iQiyi, and BesTV have rich and diverse video resources for CIBN. Content is much larger than other competitors.

Seven licensees
When it comes to CIBN, you have to mention the popular brand. As an emerging Internet company, it is CIBN's Internet TV platform and Guangdong's Internet intelligent terminal R&D and manufacturing enterprise under its photo carrier operator. Its products have unique advantages in video content, in addition to rich and diverse high-quality video resources. In addition, the same advantages are obvious in terms of update speed, number of videos, and source definition, so for consumers, the products under the watch are difficult to find rivals in video content.

The hearing is false, seeing is true, next we will carry on the targeted test to watch V50 intelligent TV, how does the product behave?

See still V50 TV selling point analysis

In the previous article, I have mentioned many times that the video on demand function determines the prospect of smart TV in the market to a certain extent. So how does the video on demand function perform for today's protagonist, the V50 smart TV? ?

Rich and clear content and powerful video content broadcast control platform
For V50 smart TVs, VOD is definitely the biggest selling point of the product. Based on CIBN's powerful broadcast control platform, V50 Smart TV can provide consumers with rich video resources, such as TV dramas, movies, and children. Various types of film and television resources such as animation, animation, automobiles, microfilms, and documentaries.

"Smile It Allure" video screen shots
In addition to having a rich variety of video resources, the fast update speed is also a great advantage of its video on demand function. For example, the most popular TV and TV dramas of the Internet not long ago belonged to the "Smile It All You Like It," and this movie and TV drama is not currently available on all VOD platforms. However, on the V50 Smart TV, we still see it. Or soon found this film and television drama, if you have not seen this video, I believe that watching still V50 smart TV can meet the on-demand demand for movies and TV dramas.

Clear picture on demand without caching

Many videos and updates represent the product's strength in video-on-demand (VOD) functionality. Here we use actual testing to understand the overall performance of the V50 Smart TV when it is playing.

First, video on demand without caching

Cache waiting time is too long will inevitably affect the overall feeling of consumer viewing, and through the author's actual trial experience found that to see still V50 smart TV in 10 MB bandwidth environment, there is no pressure on the cache, video playback smooth, experience effect Excellent.

Video on demand content list
Second, a variety of sharpness options

In the past two years, the exquisitely realistic images brought by ultra-high definition images have given consumers a deep impression. In order to provide consumers with an even more ultimate viewing experience, V50 Smart TV offers consumers multiple-definition video effects when the video is played. For example, 2K, 4K, etc., consumers can respond to the network bandwidth environment. Sharpness choices, and strive to achieve the best results.

Video content screen shot
Through the overall test, we have a more detailed understanding of the V50 smart TV's performance in the video function. In general, clear images and smooth pictures are the advantages of the V50 smart TV in video. In addition, the rich and varied video content and the rapid update frequency make it possible to stay afloat in other competing products.

Cinema synchronization only sees global broadcast

For the majority of TV users, it is worth looking forward to seeing these large movies on the TV screen during the large-screen release of the movie theater. Is it possible to achieve synchronization between television and movie theaters in a blockbuster cinema? Perhaps the global broadcast can solve this problem for consumers.

Global broadcast
It is reported that the global broadcasting business adopts a sharing model to cooperate with enterprises in the industry chain such as content, distribution, and equipment, and provides users with the latest offline cinema same-period films and first-time movie services. Users can use the advertisement-for-credit method to exchange for free. Movie viewing rights, unlimited playback within 48 hours. At present, global broadcast has formed a strong ecosystem with its ability to integrate key resources. It has established in-depth cooperation with a number of content partners and laid a good foundation for more exciting large-scale broadcasts on television.

4K area
At the same time, as the world's first platform to implement the cinema line operation mode on the TV terminal, the global broadcast can be applied to all Android system smart TVs and open to all smart TV terminals, which can be obtained through pre-installation and software upgrades.

Rotation area
In addition to the global broadcast of the cinema line, the V50 Smart TV also provides users with a 4K area, a carousel area, etc. Clear classification and rich video content have provided great help to consumers' daily lives. From this point of view, from the point of view of the number of video content and the speed of update of the product alone, it is obvious that the V50 smart TV is still superior.

See still V50 TV technology introduction

In the purchasing standards of the older generation of consumers, image quality is the only deciding factor in choosing their right and left choices. Then in the next testing session, let’s find out how the V50 Smart TV is performing on the picture quality.

Technical selling point introduction
As far as the current market is concerned, if you don't have a 4K resolution panel to do the "facade," you are too embarrassed to say that it is the brand's flagship product. Therefore, the V50 smart TV is still adding a 4K resolution VA panel, which is extremely high. The sharpness of the picture facilitates the capture of details. In addition, the product also incorporates RGB 3 color + true 4K+4K chip technology, which plays an important role in image analysis and color reproduction. Especially in terms of color gamut, the V50 Smart TV with a high color gamut can actually restore images and make the screen look more vivid and vivid than an equivalently positioned product.
Having said so many technical advantages, what is the quality of the picture?

4K video screen shots
Through the above group of screen shots, it is not difficult to find that the performance of the V50 Smart TV in the quality test is still in place. Rich color changes and spiritual color control make the screen more realistic, allowing the viewer to feel like among them. Although it has not joined too many mainstream display technologies, such as quantum dot technology and ultra-wide color gamut technology, the overall performance of the V50 smart TV is still relatively satisfactory, especially in combination with the market price of the product. The V50 smart TV is still very competitive in the market.

Mainstream Accessories Make Consumers Handy

In addition to the decent performance of video on demand and display, the V50 smart TV is still performing well in hardware configuration and mainstream applications. For example, in terms of hardware configuration, the V50 Smart TV adopts Android 5.0 system. As a mainstream operating system, powerful software and hardware compatibility can improve the overall operation fluency. In order to further enhance the product's experience in gaming, video, interactive, and other aspects, the V50 smart TV user url is 2G RAM+8G ROM+12 core+64-bit processor. The addition of these hardware improves the level to some extent. The reaction speed of the product.

Hardware configuration introduction

Global purchase

online education
In terms of applications, the V50 Smart TV also provides users with various applications such as global purchase, online education, and game interaction, which greatly enriches the daily use of consumers and enhances the competitiveness of products in the market.

Design is more practical

Finally, let's talk about the design of the product. Compared to the previous video on demand and picture quality performance, the V50 Smart TV is certainly not a “characteristic” in terms of appearance design, but consumers should never think that V50 is still on the design. No bright spots, then we come to understand the appearance of the product.

Nowadays, the thin body and the narrow frame are the mainstream trends in the appearance of televisions. Therefore, the V50 Smart TV has added an ultra-narrow frame design to make the product look more lightweight and stylish. In addition, in order to enhance the stability and texture of the product, the V50 smart TV is still attached to the metal base, giving a sense of fashion and stability.

Interface and key details
In terms of the product's back interface, the V50 Smart TV has added multiple HDMI interfaces, USB interfaces, and network interfaces. The rich and varied interface configuration greatly enriches consumers' daily use.

If one word is used to evaluate the appearance of V50 Smart TV, I believe that “practical” is the most appropriate. Although there aren't many places for color production, reasonable design and proper use of materials still make consumers more satisfied.

Summary: Accurate positioning content is king

As the flagship product, the positioning of V50 Smart TV is more accurate, and the powerful video content is the biggest advantage of the V50 Smart TV, which can meet the needs of various consumer groups. In addition, in terms of product performance and functional performance, the V50 Smart TV has not been shrunk because of its own positioning. The superior performance and rich variety of entertainment functions still make the products have a strong competitive edge in the market.

At present, the competition in the color TV industry is extremely fierce, and there are many products that are similar to the V50 Smart TV positioning. Some may have slight advantages in picture quality, and others may have full texture in appearance. Through our tests today, we have been able to deeply feel the advantages of the V50 Smart TV. If you have a very high demand for the VOD feature of your product, you may want to see the V50 Smart TV as a good choice.

Finally, we take a look at the price of the product. From the current market, the market price of around 2,000 yuan is still very attractive. In addition, combining the outstanding performance of products in terms of performance, functionality, etc., it is even more obvious that the V50 smart TV has an advantage in cost performance. What are you waiting for? How can such a cost-effective product make you not love.

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