[High-tech Golden Globe Award] Aluminum substrate "price increase" into focus, automatic production line technology upgrade

As is known to all, the LED aluminum substrate has driven the development of the heat dissipation application industry. Due to the heat dissipation characteristics of the LED aluminum substrate, it also has the advantages of high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long life, and withstand voltage. With the improvement of production technology and equipment, the product price is rationalized. Further expand the application field of the LED industry.

At present, the application of LED aluminum substrate covers the entire lighting application industry, such as commercial lighting, indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and so on.

Overall, LED aluminum substrates will continue to develop at a high speed in the next few years.

Recently, the aluminum substrate industry has also set off a price hike. Among them, Ward Technology and CITIC Hua two aluminum substrate companies also issued a notice of price increase.

Hu Yong, sales director of Ward Technology, believes that "in fact, the market demand is not so big. After this round of increase, it will probably stop for 2 months. It may rise on the eve of New Year's Eve, but the increase will not be too great."

Of course, due to the rapid development of China's aluminum substrate industry in recent years, there is also a fierce competition. Therefore, technological innovation has also become the main means for substrate manufacturers to seize market share.

In 2013, Ward Technology successfully developed a new technology “automatic production line for aluminum substrates” and quickly introduced it to the market. The technology realizes the automatic production of aluminum-based circuit boards, which is the first in the country, with better quality, lower energy consumption and lower costs.

At present, the pattern of the Evergrande in the LED equipment industry has been formed. Enterprises want to survive better, either to achieve scale or to be refined.

Hu Yong mentioned: "Our automated production line efficiency is 5 times that of traditional, personnel can be reduced by 10 times, and overall cost can be reduced by up to 70%. Fully automated operation makes the quality more stable, the market is more competitive, and the service is of the same quality. The lowest price in the industry can be achieved."

Since the automatic production line of aluminum substrate has been introduced to the market, it has been recognized by many customers.

“At present, we have become the main suppliers of Ms. Linsen, Op Lighting, Foshan Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, Rieter Letter, Sanxiong Aurora and other major customers, and most of them have cooperated for many years. They have trusted for many years, enough to explain everything!” Yong said last.

Based on the automatic production line of aluminum substrate, this technology has unique innovation, strong market competitiveness, and customers generally reflect better. Ward Technology decided to bring this product to “competition” for the 2016 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Award. Innovation Technology Awards.

Ward Technology Zhuhai Ward Technology Co., Ltd. is the first brand of LED aluminum-based circuit board. Main: high thermal conductivity aluminum-based copper clad board, white oil high reflective LED circuit board (straight-type backlight board, TV side light board, street light, bulb, T5T8 light bar, ultra-long 1.5 m board, car light board, etc.). Founded in 2009, the company is located in Zhuhai Xinqing High-tech Park, covering an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters. It is the world's first automatic production line with a monthly capacity of 300,000 square meters.

The "Ward" brand provides a solid guarantee for delivery and quality with first-class automation equipment and efficient management team. Ward people adhere to the business philosophy of cost-effective first, creating value for customers, and become a leading supplier of TV and lighting international first-line brands.

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