Make the user interface more refined PS4 system software upgrade version 4.00

Today I would like to share with you the contents of this system software upgrade. This time we will update the system interface, add management tools, update the shortcut menu, and so on. There are many different changes.

User interface update

For the main user interface of PS4, we made a lot of adjustments and improvements. I believe you can quickly notice some changes, such as the new system background and What's New project changes. Subtle changes are pop-up displays with updated information and redesigned system icons. In general, the overall look and feel of the entire user interface is the same as before. Although only new clothes have been replaced, these changes will make the user interface more sophisticated and user-friendly.

Shortcut menu

I believe we all know that holding down the PS button on the DAULSHOCK®4 wireless controller will bring up a shortcut menu. We drastically modified this menu to make it faster and easier to use. One of the bigger changes is that the menu will only cover part of the screen, which means you don't need to completely leave the game.

We also added several new items to the shortcut menu so that players can get relevant information faster without going back to the main screen. You can check your friends’ online status, quickly go to parties, favorite groups, and communities via shortcuts. You can also customize the shortcut menu to remove or append the desired item.

Folders and Content Stores

One of the biggest requests we have received is the desire to have more choices when organizing and managing the PS4 content. In this upgrade, we added the function of creating a folder in the content startup column and content save library of the PS4. This helps players to collect and organize favorite games and selected applications in one place for quick and easy access.

We also made some drastic changes to the content repository. For example, if you add a "purchased content" item, you can see everything you have about games, apps, demos, and the beta you have participated in. Therefore, in the "game" and "application" items, the content currently installed on the PS4 host will be mainly displayed. This should make it easier to save the content repository, allowing you to find what you are looking for more quickly.

The content repository has also added some sorting tools. You can sort by the purchase date or installation status, and search for a specific game or application by typing text.

Trophy-related improvements

After this upgrade, you can view the trophy offline. When the host is unable to connect to the network, you will see a new "offline mode" option that allows you to view all collected trophies without connecting to the Internet.

We also added a button to allow players to view the contents of the hidden trophy. These trophies will still be preset as hidden, but you can see the name and information of the trophy when you choose.

Finally, we changed the display of the trophy's preciousness. In place of the logo that filled up four circles in the past, this time changed to a pattern like a pyramid. The closer to the top, the more valuable it is to represent the trophy.

User profile

We upgraded the appearance of the profile to make it easier to see player-related information. For example, you can see the trophy comparison rate between you and him directly from the profile of other players. You can also change your own profile background image, such as taking a screenshot from your favorite game.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR is supported on all PlayStation 4 consoles, including the first host launched in 2013. After upgrading the host to 4.00, you will see HDR settings in the video output settings, and you can enjoy HDR games and other content on your own PS4 console.

What's New

What's New has been redesigned and now shows your friends' activities on the PS4. On the left is the latest news for the new event. The image is bigger and has more convenient options such as commenting and sharing. On the right is the player who is playing, popular, you may know, and recommended attention.

Content information screen

We have also redesigned the content information screen. You can press the "down" arrow key to view the game icon on the main screen. There you can easily select various options to view an overview of the game, popular media, friends and communities, events and PlayStation Store-related content.

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