Jiangmen LED industry will reach 300 billion after ten years

Yesterday, the 2010 Guangdong-Taiwan Economic and Technical Trade Exchange Conference was held in Jiangmen. The reporter learned from the meeting that in the more than 150 key investment projects launched in Guangdong, Jiangmen has six. While Taiwanese businessmen are investing in Jiangmen, many companies from Taiwan have expressed strong investment intentions to Jiangmen.

Wu Zizhen, executive deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, said that the average annual growth rate of the LED industry in Jiangmen is over 30%. It is expected that the development of the LED industry will reach 300 billion yuan in the next 10 years, which is equivalent to re-creating a “new Jiangmen”.

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150 key projects for investment

Guangdong Province has launched more than 150 key investment projects including 8 categories of industries including electronics, information, machinery, chemicals, textiles, service trade, infrastructure and Sangao Agriculture. The company is waiting for investment from Taiwanese companies and has organized a batch of Import and export trade manifests.

Among them, there are 22 infrastructure projects, 19 agriculture, 13 light industry, 17 machinery, 16 electronic information, 17 chemical and pharmaceutical, 27 service outsourcing service industries, and 19 other tourism.

Jiangmen has six key projects, including Jiangmen Heshan Logistics Center Project, Jiangmen Rare Earth Phosphor Project, Jiangmen LED Production and R&D Project, Jiangmen Clean Energy (Nuclear Power) Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing Project, and Heshan Shoe City Project. And the construction of the core area of ​​Binjiang New City, in which the total investment in the construction of the core area of ​​Binjiang New City is as high as 15 billion yuan.

Taiwanese businessmen:

Investment environment is good to invest

“Jiangmen’s investment environment is very good.” Yesterday, Wang Menglong of Wanglai International Trading Co., Ltd. said that their company was in Dongguan. This time, the opportunity of the exchange meeting came to Jiangmen, only to know that Jiangmen had good mountains, good water and good transportation. Cai Menglong said that Jiangmen's climate and environment are suitable for the development of agriculture, and will be considered in the future investment in Jiangmen.

Liao Peijun, the managing director of Guangdong Ocean Golf Club, also has great enthusiasm for investing in Jiangmen. She told reporters that she wants to do some industry in exquisite agriculture. Jiangmen is fertile and suitable for developing fine agriculture and planting anti-season vegetables. Precious fruits and so on.


Taiwan-funded investment will welcome the new boom

During the meeting, Taiwanese companies negotiated with us and immediately went to the scene to investigate the investment environment. Zhou Wen, director of the Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, told reporters that as of the end of 2009, there were more than 1,400 Taiwan-funded enterprises invested in Jiangmen. With a total amount of US$4.028 billion, Taiwanese capital has become the second largest source of foreign investment in Jiangmen, which is second only to Hong Kong capital.

Zhou Wen said that during the meeting, Taiwanese businessmen will be invited to visit Taishan and other places to investigate the investment environment. Zhou Wen predicted that with the closer economic and trade cooperation between Guangdong and Taiwan, Jiangmen will usher in a wave of Taiwan investment.


After 10 years, the LED industry will reach 300 billion yuan

At the "Cross-Strait LED Industry Development and Technology Innovation Summit Forum" held yesterday, Jiang Zishi, deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, said that in the past three years, Jiangmen's LED industry has grown at an average annual rate of more than 30%, and there are more than 100 LED companies. More than 1,000 affiliated companies.

In the next 10 years or so, Jiangmen is confident that the LED industry will be developed to a scale of 300 billion yuan, and a "new Jiangmen" will be rebuilt.

In yesterday's forum, Taiwanese companies immediately planned to invest in 120 MOCVD LED production equipment in Jiangmen.

In addition, in order to accelerate the development of Jiangmen Green (semiconductor) light source industry, Jiangmen also formally established the Jiangmen Green Light Source Industry Expert Committee yesterday. The Expert Committee will be responsible for formulating development strategies, formulating development plans, building base platforms, and conducting cooperation in industry, university and research cooperation. jobs.


Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Jixing sells Jiangmen

Jiangmen good + Taiwanese business strong = big exhibition

At yesterday's exchange meeting, Jiangmen City Party Secretary Chen Jixing strongly recommended Jiangmen's investment environment to more than 860 Taiwanese businessmen.

Chen Jixing said that Jiangmen is rich in resources, which provides a huge space for future development; there are 7 expressways, including Fokai and Kaiyang, which will be formed along with the construction of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Light Rail, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The transportation network of railways, highways, light rails and waterways forms an economic life circle with Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration.

Chen Jixing said that Jiangmen was rated as the “silver city” of China's investment environment by the World Bank and one of the recommended investment areas recognized by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association. Jiangmen is vigorously developing industries such as auto parts, electronic information, precision equipment manufacturing, petrochemical deep processing, etc. These are precisely the advantages of the Taiwanese business community.

At the same time, Jiangmen is a big agricultural city. Taiwanese businessmen can give full play to Taiwan's technological and talent advantages in high-quality agriculture. In Jiangmen, it is believed that the cooperation between Taiwan and Jiangmen will definitely reach a new level.