Diodes' new LED lighting driver simplifies low-power single-cell applications

Diodes' new ZXLD381 and ZXLD383 LED drivers are the simplest and most viable solution for low-power, high-brightness LEDs powered by a single solar or rechargeable battery. These pulse width modulation (PFM) DC-DC converters have an on-board low-saturation voltage switching transistor that requires only one inductor for high-efficiency LED illumination.

The driver operates from input voltages as low as 0.9V and can deliver up to 80mA, providing constant current for single or multiple LED drivers, depending on the value of the external inductor. The drive's efficiency is as high as 93%, helping to extend battery life in a variety of lighting applications.

Based on all the functions of ZXLD381, ZXLD383 also supports dual function enable input, which provides suppression control and ultra low dropout isolation diode for battery charging of garden lights. This eliminates the need for an externally isolated photodiode array, making the ZXLD383 the best choice for solar garden lights and aisle lights.