Creative DIY: Teach you to make 4WD robots based on Wifi and 3G

Today Xiaobian teaches you to manually make a four-wheel drive robot . It is a four-wheel drive robot based on WIFI and 3G control. Its wheels are made of an aluminum alloy cover, embedded inside the steel wheel, and then connected to the geared motor. The outside of the wheel is glued with rubber 502. The whole shape is good! First introduce the function of the four-wheel drive robot to everyone!

Four-wheel drive robot function introduction

This is a wireless remote-controlled four-wheel-drive robot with horizontal and vertical control pan/tilt. The gimbal is equipped with a bean-dried camera and a 3.6mm lens, which can see a wide field of view. The 3 degree manipulator can achieve more difficult control and is equipped with a 12864 control display LCD module. And this robot can be used in many ways, such as exhaust, fire, picking dangerous goods, channel inspection, home surveillance, and so on.

Four wheel drive robot

Plus a wireless network card for wireless control. Realize tracking, front and rear automatic barriers, solar charging, 16.5V battery management and programming automation.

Four wheel drive robot

First prepare the material

Front view of the main control board of the robot: 3.3V, 5A power chip, 5V, 1.5A power supply part, 315 remote control receiving circuit, 12 3.3V motor drive interface, 4 16.5V motor drive interface, 1 74HC154 address expansion chip . 12864 LCD display interface. 24 external detection interfaces, 232 serial interface, etc.

Four wheel drive robot

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