Brief description of computer virus and antivirus method

Computer Virus

A computer virus is a set of computer instructions or program code that a compiler inserts into a computer program to destroy computer functions or data, and can affect the use of the computer and self-replicate. Computer viruses are spread, concealed, infectious, latent, stimulating, expressive or destructive. The life cycle of computer viruses: development period → infection period → incubation period → attack period → discovery period → digestive period → extinction period. A computer virus is a program, a piece of executable code. Like biological viruses, they have the characteristics of biological viruses such as self-reproduction, mutual infection, and activation and regeneration. Computer viruses have unique replication capabilities that can spread quickly and are often difficult to eradicate. They can attach themselves to various types of files, and as files are copied or transferred from one user to another, they spread along with the file.

First, you should upgrade your antivirus software frequently. Frequent upgrades to anti-virus software are required! After timely upgrade, do a timely check and kill, you may find the virus that could not be found. Anti-virus should be the time to take the initiative to do it, because many anti-virus software in order not to let users feel that booting is a long process, they have turned off the way to boot and kill the virus. Another killing mode, such as killing once a day, or killing once a week, still requires the user to set it up. Therefore, users should do some computer care regularly. Such as garbage cleaning, plug-in cleaning, Internet trace cleaning, virus killing, important updates of the software (such as the new version of Jinshan Guardian itself is rarely updated, it usually only updates the virus database, you must use QQ butler to upgrade Jinshan Guardian In addition, the software upgrade, Jinshan Guardian first proposed "recommended upgrade" and "optional upgrade" two categories, and later the QQ butler also classified. The "recommended upgrade" software is relatively mature, or important Usually should be upgraded, of course, do not want to upgrade or upgrade. The software in the "optional upgrade" is relatively mature, or a beta version. Of course, users are not eager to upgrade for security reasons. Many users have upgraded ( Such as 70% or more) I will follow the upgrade.

Second, strengthen the protection of mail. Many computer viruses are currently spread by email. For each of us, in today's era, in our daily life and work, it is almost impossible to not use mail. Communicating with others through mail has become one of the important ways for us to communicate with each other. It is very important that emails have a good real-time monitoring.

Third, correctly set the functions of the anti-virus software. Currently, anti-virus software provided on the market generally has many alternative functions. Ignoring the various settings of anti-virus software, the anti-virus software will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, don't trust the security of the network easily. It is never absolute to say whether a network is safe. This requires us to properly make the function of the firewall. The firewall can effectively monitor any network connection.

Fifth, do a good job of backing up the data on the hard disk. The programs and data on the hard disk are very important for every computer user, and the loss of hard disk data will undoubtedly cause losses. In order to protect the user's hard drive data, the hard drive protection feature has been added to today's excellent anti-virus software.

100M Ethernet Switch

The problem
Throughput is an important indicator of Ethernet testing. Many engineers believe that the Ethernet switching throughput should be its line rate, that is, no packet loss can occur at 100% traffic, and that it is illegal for the Ethernet frame interval IFG to be less than 96 bits. However, in the Ethernet switching throughput and packet loss rate test, a small amount of packet loss occurs in the long-term error test under the line speed condition. The reason is the cross-clock domain architecture of the Ethernet.
With the rapid development and application of industrial Ethernet technology, a large number of network problems have appeared along with it. According to statistics provided by Siemens, the network communication failure rate accounts for more than 70%, and the network equipment failure rate is less than 30%. After a network failure causes the system to shut down, the time required for fault diagnosis and location accounts for more than 80% of the total system downtime, while maintenance measures take up less than 20%. Therefore, real-time monitoring and analysis of network traffic is a major problem in the development and application of industrial Ethernet. Real-time monitoring and analysis of industrial Ethernet network traffic and timely detection and location of network problems play a vital role in improving the stable operation of the entire system. .

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