11 films are strong to grab the 2017 Lunar New Year, smart TV free stop

From the Spring Festival, which is the hottest year in the year, to less than two months, there are currently 11 films that have been announced for the Spring Festival season: "The Westward Volt" created by Stephen Chow and Tsui Tsui. The action comedy "Kung Fu Yoga" starring Jackie Chan comes from Wang Baoqiang's new work "Dang Tian Hao", Shu Qi and Wang Qian Yuan's starring "Forgetfulness Village", and then Ge You and Nicholas Tse together cook "The New Year's Eve" " Fighting on God of Cookery, there are also movies of medium and small cost. The most crowded spring festival in history has already caused industry insiders to smell a strong smell of gunpowder. This year's Spring festival will present a situation of crowds fighting for hegemony and tragic strangulation. We have already moved a small bench and waited for the birth of a new wave of box office records.

In recent years, Xingye can be regarded as the big winner of Lunar New Year's Eve ah, from the 2013 “Journey to the Fallen Mage” mad about 1.246 billion at the box office to dominate the Spring Festival, from then on to open up a new pattern of the Chinese New Year stalls, 16 years Stephen Chow's “Mermaid” Another 3.3 billion box office was seized. This time, “The Westward Volt” is the official sequel to Stephen Chow’s “Journey to the West” story, and it also makes people look forward to their performance in the 2017 Spring Festival.

Now Xiao Bian has come to look at what movies are the most crowded 2017 Spring Festival stalls for everyone.

One: The West Tour Demon Stars: Wu Yifan, Lin Xinchang, Yao Chen, Lin Yun

The storyline is as follows: The movie “Westward Volt” is a follow-up story of Zhou Xingchi’s “Journey to the West” story in 2013. It tells the story of Tang Sanzang’s influence on the killing of Miss Duan’s Qi Tiansheng in the last episode. Afterwards, four people, the Monkey King, the Pig, Sand and the Shaman, and the line of men and women, embarked on the journey to learn from the West. The road is dangerous, in addition to the magic demon demon, the four men and women also have their own growth and change in the process of learning.

II: Kung Fu Yoga Starring: Jackie Chan, Zhang Yixing, Li Zhiting, Zeng Zhiwei

The storyline: Jackie Chan is a glamorous university professor in Kung Fu Yoga, leading Li Zhiting and Zhang Yixing to travel around the world and take a treasure hunt. In addition to kung fu comedy and adventures, exoticism is also one of the highlights of this movie. It is a trick in India's alleys and fights with Indian nobles; it is not bad for motorcycles on the streets of Dubai and local tyrants; exploration of ice caves in Iceland, diving ice Hole, ice skating ladder, feel the beautiful fairyland. Not surprisingly, Kung Fu Yoga will be a standard Jackie Chan action comedy movie. Jackie Chan's charisma has been very stable throughout Spring Festival and Lunar New Year.

III: Starring the Stars: Wang Baoqiang, Liu Yan, Yue Yunpeng, Bai Ke

The storyline: Wang Baoqiang’s first self-directed film, “Battle to Heaven”, combines the elements of “comedy” and “Kung Fu.” In the movie, Wang Baoqiang’s “Wu Kong” has a lot of effort and dedication. The second-generation "Tang Sen," played by Bai Ke, mistakenly made a mistake and set foot on the "Take the Scriptures." The "Zhu Tianpeng" acted by Yue Yunpeng is a narcissistic but loyal little follower, and Liu Jing's "Wu Jing" is a beautiful, sexy, self-possessed, secretive she who joins the Western expedition. Moreover, because of the marital change event, Bao Qiang earned a lot of sympathy for the people of the country, which may help the film become a dark box office at the box office.

IV: Starring the Forgetful Village: Shu Qi, Wang Qianyuan, Zhang Xiaoquan, Zeng Zhiwei

The storyline: The movie “Forgetful Village” tells the story of a series of magical stories in a mysterious village where an uninvited guest visits and a mysterious treasure called “Forgetfulness”. Spring Festival has never been a shortage of comedy film. The movie “Fuckfulness Village” is not only full of fantasy, but Shu Qi and Wang Qianyuan’s subversive performance of the image also make this film full of intensive laughter, making the audience “easy to forget” during the Spring Festival. In “Forgetfulness Village”, Shu Qi changed the image of the goddess and transformed herself into a flowery, forgetful village, “a flower”. She spared no effort to “make her ugly”. She looked surprised at the fact that her eyes were full of tears despite the image.

V: Star Wars Eater Starring: Ge You, Nicholas Tse, Tang Yi, Zheng Ronghe

The storyline highlights: Nicholas Tse, who was transformed into a chef by “Twelve Taoist Flavors,” Layyue Geyou took a film called “Decisive Battle of God Eater” and announced the release of the New Year’s Eve. It is easy to be considered a derivative film. However, at the launch of the new film, both Nicholas Tse and producer Huo Wenxi have repeatedly stressed that the film is a 100% brand new story and is an independent work that was developed for two years. This film has also become the head of Ge You’s entry into the Spring Festival. works.

6: The fantasy of the bear infestation starring: Shang Wenjian, Zeng Yi, Bao Chunlai, Sun Jianhong

The storyline: In 2017, the “Fantasy Space of Bears Infestation” will be released during the Spring Festival event in the most competitive year of the year. As the latest work of the "Bear Infestation" series, this time a real-life character will appear in the secondary element world. Shang Wenyi, Zeng Wei, Bao Chunlai, and Sun Jianhong will cross the "wormhole" and meet bears, bears, and baldheads, and will open. A fantastic adventure. However, whether a real person and an animated character can be perfectly combined is not a big challenge for the bear-bearing brand.

Seventh: All I said are true starring: Xiao Shenyang, Chen Yihan, Liu Yiwei, Wu Yi

The storyline: The comedy "All I Say Is Real" tells the stories of the little people living in our bodies. The new combinations of Shenyang and Chen Yihan will create a different comedy atmosphere. For the first time, Shenyang entered the Spring Festival stalls with the identity of a man, and Taiwanese actor Chen Yihan would bring about a fierce collision with the “South-to-North-North”. I don’t know what kind of spark the two will wipe out.

Eight: Peerless Master Starring: Lu Zhengyu, Guo Caijie, Fan Wei, Chen Chong

The storyline highlights: The film “The Master of the World” is the director's first major silver screen work. As the creator of the net generation play, Lu Zhengyu became famous on the internet in the early years with the “Hip Hop Quartet,” and later led by the online film “The Master of the World”. The Hip-Hop Trilogy is well-known to more audiences. Later he was given the opportunity to join the "Xia You Jiang Mo Gu" as a co-writer. He also acted as a co-writer and executive director in the "Mermaid". The new movie "Xun You Volt" by Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark also announced the beginning of 2017. First, it seems that "masters and apprentices" are going to fight the rhythm of falling Taiwan. It is worth mentioning that this is the first new work after Fan Wei won the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.

Nine: Happy comedians starring: Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Xiaofei, Allen, Rowin Atkinson

The storyline: The popular variety show "Happy Comedy Man" was also filmed as a movie released in the Spring Festival. It was not a variety movie but a drama series. In addition to Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Xiaofei, and Allen, etc. The comedy star, even British laughter "Mr. Peas" Rovin E. Akinson will also be featured in the film. The film “Happy Comedy Man” tells the story of a series of “accidents” that came up when comedians Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng collectively went to Macau for closed rehearsals. However, this plot setting seems to be still a way of "variety of big movies."

Ten: Starring Game Rules: He Rundong, Huang Ziqi, Naza

The storyline: The action film “The Rules of the Game” tells about the backdrop of the old era of domestic and foreign troubles. The ten-mile foreign concessions of Shanghai’s Shangri-la Beach are full of concessions. The powers of the various parties are complex and complicated. They will launch a frightening faction battle and act like a danger. Cat and mouse game. Director Gao Xixi once directed the drama version of “New Beach” starring Huang Xiaoming and Sun Wei. This time, he once again told the story of “Shanghai Beach”. He was full of confidence in the box office: “It is expected that there will be one billion movie box office votes.” However, the "rules of the game" as the Spring Festival stalls only a pure action movie, in the strong squeeze of a comedy film, the box office outlook may not be as optimistic as the director expected.

Eleven: The teacher is also crazy starring: Han Li, Peng Bo, Xu Zhou, Yin Bolin

The storyline: This is a campus inspirational comedy with a crazy teacher theme, telling the story of a warm-blooded class teacher and a group of ghost horse students. One is a crazy teacher who has his own unique education method. One is a sweet and lovely campus sweetheart. Together with a group of students who fear the world's unrelenting ghosts and horses, "The Teacher is Crazy" will soon bring you on a campus trip with a hilarious laugh.

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