Hella illuminates your life to light up the green world

“Continuous development, innovative change” is two important values ​​of Hella's seven values. It is reflected in the business field. Hella has been constantly pursuing new development and innovation to achieve the company's long-term stable development.

As an important measure to strategically expand the foundation of the company's business development, Hella Group has been committed to the development of new business areas since 2008. The basic idea is to have a century-old high-tech proprietary technology from the automotive industry. Products, technologies, and processes are applied to other, more attractive, new non-automotive industries. The first batch of projects - Haila LED's new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting project series has been implemented. At the beginning of the project, the focus of product development and delivery will be on the streets, airports, building lighting and other fields. From the perspective of long-term strategic development, Hella hopes to further develop the new ideas of environmental protection and energy conservation into our new pillar business, thereby enhancing the sustainable development capability and business stability of Hella.

Hella’s consistent strategy of “transforming the creativity of employees into the comprehensive competitiveness of the company’s sustainable development” also applies to the development and development of Hella in new fields. We have successfully identified a clear process for inspiring creativity for the three automotive business segments – automotive lighting, automotive electronics and automotive aftermarket – which allows us to have the expertise and knowledge in the car to help the company identify new Application areas and implementation in a new field systematically. Since the inception of the project, more than 100 proposals have been submitted and received favorable comments within the company. For each proposal selected, the project manager and the functional team will inject “innovative cells” from the initial development, to the mature process of the product line, to the market, and the “innovative cells” can achieve the project. Effective control and always ensure that all resources required for the project are effectively and easily accessible and applied. It is in these clear process guidance and application that HELLA has achieved many brilliant ideas.

First of all, it is Hella's new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly street lamp.


LED Square "Urban" series (Figure 1)


LED Park "Ruiyuan" series (Figure 2)


LED Case "Magic Box" series (Figure 3)


Modular concept and timeless design (Figure 4)

The urban pavement lighting market is undergoing major technological innovations, and Hella has seized this opportunity with its pioneering market sense, launching its newly developed modular street lighting using the most advanced LED technology. The concept "Eco StreetLine". This series includes the LED Square "Urban" series (Figure 1), the LED Park "Ruiyuan" series (Figure 2), and the LED Case "Magic Box" series (Figure 3). These modular street lighting “Eco StreetLine” provides the urban pavement lighting market with solutions that meet current energy and low carbon emission reduction requirements. Compared with traditional street lighting, Hella's new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting can save up to 70% of energy consumption, thus greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And more advantages include better lighting, no light smoke, lower maintenance costs and greater flexibility, all thanks to replaceable modular concepts and timeless structural design (Figure 4 ). The Lippstadt, where the headquarters of Hella Germany is located, has successfully completed the installation of the first 450 new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly pavement lights (Fig. 5). EADS is also adopting the new HELLA technology as its parking lot lighting. We have reason to believe that in the near future you will find more applications of Hella's new LED street lights in your life – not just in Europe, but also in many other countries and regions. China, with its rapid economic development, will be at the forefront and center of all of Haila's new product applications.


Lippstadt has installed the first batch of 450 盏 new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting (Figure 5)

Second, it is a powerful airport lighting

Hella has been engaged in the lighting business for more than 100 years. At present, we are expanding from the field of professional lighting engineering to the field of airport LED lighting. Innovative LED airport lights from Hella have improved economic efficiency and improved ecological balance. The newly developed runway and taxiway built-in lights feature innovative LED technology that is designed, constructed and installed to meet airport requirements, achieving higher energy efficiency, longer life and less maintenance. For example, the innovative LED "Airport Lighting Solution" is being used for airport runway and taxiway centerline lighting. Compared to traditional airport lighting, the innovative LED “airport lighting solutions” are characterized by higher efficiency, lower energy costs and significantly lower maintenance costs. This solution has been successfully applied in many practical projects including Munich Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, and Liptstadt-Padbon Airport. More innovative product applications in the field of airport lighting are being planned.


LED "Airport Lighting Solutions" (Figure 6)

At present, Hella Hella's new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting project includes “Eco Street-line”, which has been put into production and applied to road construction and related applications. Other new products, such as adjustable airport lighting, regional lighting, (Fig. 7) building lighting, are also entering the development phase. In addition, HELLA applies sensors and actuators to modern kitchens and bathrooms (Fig. 8) in pursuit of a more humane, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly modern lifestyle.


Regional lighting (Figure 7)


Sensors and actuators are applied to modern kitchens and bathrooms (Fig. 8)

HELLA LED energy saving and environmental protection road lighting series in China

In April 2010, Hella Germany introduced the new LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly road lighting series to China, and introduced its new concept of sustainable green development into the Chinese market. In addition, Haila LED Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Division was established in Shanghai, including product development, production, market development and sales functions in the Chinese market. Its future development focus will be on promoting the new LED energy-saving and environment-friendly road lighting series from Hella Germany in the Chinese market. At the same time, in the upcoming Shanghai China International LED Industry Exhibition - LED illuminator and urban lighting exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 7 to July 10, 2010, Hella's new LED energy-saving and environmentally friendly road lighting series will be presented for the first time. In front of the Chinese market and consumers.

Adhering to the 100-year history of Hella and the new concept of sustainable green development, Hella LED lighting is about to illuminate your life and light up every corner of the world.